We’re a beacon of hope for Hong Kong but a rage-mob at home – let’s do better

Demonstrators in Hong Kong sing the National Anthem while waving the United States flag. Screenshot from Straits Times posted at the bottom of this column.

Following is a Maine Examiner editorial.

It’s mid-August in America. Most of the family summer vacations are over and parents are turning their focus to finishing up school shopping. Some Mainers are already looking forward to blazing fall foliage, cooler temps and pumpkin spice coffee. The U.S. flag hangs on many homes, but patriotism for the founding principles of our nation seems to have taken a back seat for some to political discord or suppression at the hands of political correctness.

In Hong Kong, however, as demonstrators fight the oppression of the Chinese Communist government they are waving Old Glory and singing the national anthem of the United States.

This is the enduring strength of the founding principles of America.

Staring down changes that could see more people from Hong Kong extradited to China as so-called ‘terrorists’ little more than two decades after Hong Kong was turned over by the British to a ‘one country, two systems’ model, the people of Hong Kong are holding the United States up as their model of hope and freedom.

Some may have never met an American, others have never watched a speech given by President Donald Trump, Senator Chuck Schumer or Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But there they are, waving our flag in the face of police enforcers who are often not shy or discreet about brutalizing them for speaking out.

Some in the United States seem to believe those who proudly display the U.S. Flag and openly express a love of their country and our founding principles are jingoistic neanderthals who simply need more exposure to a Twitter rage-mob for a proper deliverance to suitable American guilt.

Others treat anyone who disagrees with current American leaders as unforgivably unpatriotic and worthy of scorn.

Neither are correct, but here’s the truth – America is worthy of our national pride. It is our colors and our anthem that the oppressed people of the world turn to in their darkest hours. Generations of Americans have spilled blood and spent vast treasure to keep the lamplight of freedom shining for oppressed people around the world.

Patriotism is our right, our calling and our duty to mankind. Our patriotism can and will lead to a better tomorrow for billions around the world. We may disagree and we may fight – hell, we are guaranteed to disagree and fight – but at the end of the day we owe it to the world to unite around the principles that make the United States unique.

Our ability to disagree – to fight political battles without bloodshed; to peacefully transfer power; to worship as we wish and speak as we wish and to defend the rights of the individual are all part of that beacon of hope that shines bright for the demonstrators in Hong Kong.

Don’t let America’s current political environment darken that light. As history shows us, it is one of the most rare and precious treasures mankind has ever known.

The demonstrators in Hong Kong get it, and it is time for Americans to unite around them and around the freedom our great nation represents. It’s time to put down the Twitter rage-mobs and be the light the world needs.

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