Waterville Newspaper Under Fire For Cartoon Equating Trump Supporters To Nazis

The Morning Sentinel, a Maine Today Newspaper, is under fire for publishing an editorial cartoon today that depicts supporters of President Donald Trump as Nazis.

The cartoon, a syndicated cartoon available to many newspapers across the country, shows a white robed person in what appears to be a Make America Great Again hat, holding one hand high in a Nazi salute while the other hand grips a noose as a reporter interviews them. On the wall are a series of military style firearms, and the bottom portion of a portrait of Adolf Hitler can be seen among the firearms.


Next to the couch is a Christmas tree with a Nazi ornament atop the tree in the place where a star or angel tree-topper is traditionally placed.

The Waterville Republican Party was harshly critical of the cartoon, saying in a Facebook post:

In response to the outcry against what many Mainers viewed as an attack on Trump supporters, and degradation of a religious holiday for Christians, Morning Sentinel Editor Ben Bragdon tweeted:


It is unclear which reporters Mr. Bragdon was referring to when he suggested reporters try to make Nazis look good.


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