Wake Up Exam: Nov 29 – Sen. Collins on tax reform, North Korea ICBM, halal market welfare fraud and more

Senator Collins meets with President Trump along with Senators Lamar Alexander and Lindsey Graham on Monday, November 28. Photo courtesy White House social media.


Here is your wake up exam, a roundup of news articles from the last day. We have selected articles we think are fair and informative for you to read.

Senator Collins is working toward a YES vote on GOP tax reform bill.

Senator Susan Collins is sending signals she could vote yes on the GOP tax reform bill that passed out of the Senate Budget Committee yesterday. Non-partisan analysts have said the average Maine family could see as much as $2,200 more in income as a result of the bill.

Story at the Portland Press Herald.

North Korea successfully fired an intercontinental ballistic missile.

United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis says the test shows North Korea could hit anywhere in the world.

Story at CNN.

Portland, Maine former halal market owner pleads guilty to welfare fraud.

WGME calls it an elaborate welfare scheme, reports restitution will be over $1 million.

Story at WGME.

Driver in fatal accident was driving home from methadone clinic

WMTW reports that the driver in a fatal crash, who was driving in the wrong lane, had just left a methadone clinic.

Story at WMTW.

Oxford County officials were investigating Sheriff Wayne Gallant before recent public allegations.

The Portland Press Herald is reporting that Oxford County officials were investigating Gallant since early November.

Story at the Portland Press Herald.

Curious number of Pingree’s co-sponsors on controversial child terrorist bill are making news

Of the nine other members of Congress that Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz named in a recent criticism of a bill he says would increase the use of child terrorists, three are in making eyebrow raising headlines.

Original Story https://maineexaminer.com/chellie-pingree-encouraging-use-of-child-terrorists-says-harvards-alan-dershowitz/

Rep. Raul Grijalva paid out $48k in taxpayer funds in a settlement for ‘hostile work environment’ and reportedly showed up to work drunk frequently. Story from The Hill.

Rep. John Conyers is seeing more of his fellow Democrats calling for him to resign as sexual harassment story grows. Story from Washington Examiner.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez abruptly announces he will not seek re-election, just a day after filing his nominating papers. Story from Politico.

Judge sides with Trump administration in dispute over Mulvaney appointment to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The decision comes after Obama era holdover Leandra English attempted to appoint herself to the position.

Story at Washington Post.

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