U.S. Flag: Maine State Rep says “pride is optional” in response to comment that flag represents “evil”

Rep. Seth Berry (right) made the comment in response to a comment on his Facebook post.

Bowdoin – Maine State Representative Seth Berry (D – Bowdoinham) took to Facebook last week to post criticize people who oppose taxpayer funded welfare benefits and lay the blame on the concerns of Mainers about paying for non-citizen welfare on “DC pundits and politicians” along with an image of a young man waving an American flag.

The post is rife with political rhetoric while attempting to call for some sort of unity for the American people and blaming the nation’s woes on successful individuals.

The most interesting aspect of the post is in the comments section, however.

There, a man makes a comment that, “The flag is just a symbol” before going on to say that the flag “represents so much evil domestically and abroad.”

The man also says he is teaching his kids to “stand for justice, not for the American exceptionalism the Stars and Stripes represent.”

Rather than push back on the claim that the American flag “represents so much evil” Rep. Berry simply responds, “Pride is optional. Hope is a must. Keep that hope alive!”

Rep. Berry has made a name for himself in recent months for his fight against Central Maine Power, but his political history is one marked with attempts to raise taxes or oppose tax cuts and dramatically increase state spending.

Those attempts by Rep. Berry have typically relied upon efforts to raise taxes on one group of individuals while promising the benefit of the tax increase to another group of people.

In the most recent legislative session, Rep. Berry voted for a bill that would have given away Maine’s electoral college votes to the candidate who won the most votes in the national election, that bill is now dead.

Berry also voted for a bill that would allow DHHS officials to use funds taken from other programs at DHHS to pay for welfare for non-citizens, rather than set the money aside in the state budget. That bill has been carried over to the next session of the Maine Legislature.

One of Rep. Berry’s most recent proposals would put Maine taxpayers on the hook for a $4 billion loan to conduct a hostile takeover of both of Maine’s major private electricity providers.

Screenshot of Rep. Seth Berry’s comment.

Rep. Berry also voted against two bills in the Maine Legislature that would have banned non-citizens from voting. One of those bills was in response to a push by Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to allow non-citizens to vote in Portland.

Berry represents House District 55, which includes Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, part of Richmond and Perkins Island Township. In addition to serving as a State Representative, Rep. Berry is a Distinguished Policy Fellow at the University of Maine and was a public school teacher for eighteen years.

Screenshot of Rep. Seth Berry’s Facebook post.

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