Tuell’s Bill to fund Downeast Correctional Facility through 2020 advances

Representative Will Tuell’s bill to fund Downeast Correctional Facility through 2020 was approved by the Maine Legislature’s ten member Executive Council today in an 8-2 vote.

Downeast Correctional Facility has been a flashpoint in recent state budget and legislative debates, with Legislators and public officials from the local area fighting attempts to defund and close the facility.

Rep. Tuell on Facebook thanked other area legislators, the eight members of the Legislative Council who voted to advance his bill, and all the people who have fought to keep DCF open, but cautioned that there was a long way to go:

“I know this has a long way to go. We have no guarantee of success, none, and there are going to be many frustrating days and nights ahead, but just having the opportunity for our county, our prison to go on offense and say why it should be KEPT OPEN instead of why it should not be closed, is HUGE,” said Tuell.

Tuell’s bill, titled An Act To Fund the Downeast Correctional Facility and assigned the LR 2502, will be heard in the Maine Legislature’s second session, which begins in January, 2018.

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