Trump signs order to strengthen and protect Medicare for America’s Seniors

President Trump claps at a rally.

The Villages, FL – President Trump this week signed an executive order aimed at protecting and strengthening Medicare for America’s senior citizens, as his opponents propose efforts to alter the program into a nationalized program that would cover able-bodied adults and others.

Among the initiatives in the executive order Trump signed are providing more choice and more affordable plans under Medicare Advantage.

Trump’s order also takes measures to protect Medicare from liberal “Medicare for All” proposals that many are concerned would lead to a decline in the quality of Medicare for senior citizens. Those concerns are based in the belief, and some experience in other government programs, that if Medicare were expanded to include all Americans, essentially abolishing private insurance, the availability of funding and care for older Americans who rely upon Medicare would decline.

Both Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren support plans to turn Medicare into a national program for able-bodied adults, ultimately abolishing private health insurance plans.

In the order signed by Trump, he pulls no punches in his criticism of proposals to turn Medicare into America’s sole national health insurance program and abolish private insurance plans.

“Medicare for All would destroy our current Medicare program, which enables our Nation’s seniors and other vulnerable Americans to receive affordable, high-quality care from providers of their choice.  Rather than upend Medicare as we know it, my Administration will protect and improve it,” says Trump in the order.

“Medicare for All would take away the choices currently available within Medicare and centralize even more power in Washington, harming seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries,” Trump continues.

Other components of Trump’s order include:

– A directive to improve Medicare’s long-term financial sustainability through innovative approaches.

– A directive to establish a plan within one year to provide more choices, which will include reforms to allow seniors to share in savings from high value care, including cash and monetary rebates.

– Within six months, a report providing pathways to creating more robust price competition in Medicare Advantage and Medicare FFS payments.

– Improving access to care through network adequacy and telehealth.

– A plan to enable doctors and health care providers to spend more time with patients who are Medicare beneficiaries.

– A directive to implement regulatory changes to streamline the process for bringing safe, innovative products and treatments for seniors to market and ensure they are widely available.

– A directive to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare.

– Providing patients with more quality care and cost data to empower them to make better, more informed choices about their care.

– Within one year, put forward reforms that will reduce obstacles to patient care.

– Preserve the social security retirement benefits of seniors who choose not to enroll in Medicare Part A and remove barriers that prevent seniors from receiving care from their provider of choice.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Maine had more than 336,000 individuals reliant upon Medicare in 2018.

You can read the full executive order from President Trump by clicking here.

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