The Far Left Has Perverted The Language Of Policy Debate Beyond Recognition

This is a Maine Examiner opinion piece and should not be confused with Maine Examiner news content.

Tax cuts for the American middle class are blatant theft. A bank heist. A giveaway to the wealthy.

Not forcing people to choose between buying health insurance or paying a fine is “kicking people off insurance” all across America.

Senator Susan Collins is a traitor for not being “bipartisan” on a tax reform bill where not a single Democrat in Congress made an attempt at real bipartisan compromise.

Shutting down state offices that serve Maine people in all walks of life with protests and harassing the staff of elected officials is “noble” but the service those staff put in every day to help veterans, our disabled neighbors and many people in need is just service to “donors”, “corporate lobbyists” and the Republican Party.

American teenagers should rack up student debt in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars so they can be successful and make a lot of money, so our politicians can turn around and attack them as evil rich people who don’t pay their fair share.

Speaking of fair share, we need to give the biggest share of income tax cuts to those who don’t pay income tax cuts in order to make those who pay the most income taxes pay their “fair share”, or something like that. The most extreme of liberals will tell you what that foolish talking point means if they ever figure it out.

Oh, and those bonuses given out to hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) of workers across America after tax reform passed were just “bribes” for more favorable treatment in the future.

No. No. No. It doesn’t matter that the silly bribery accusation doubles as a claim that the key to President Trump’s heart is bigger paychecks for American workers.

Just shout “bribe!” really loud and hope the liberal base ignores the union workers who have a bigger chunk of money in their pockets.

This is what we have become.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

If the American left were to update the well known mantra of Big Brother in the classic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, it would probably read something like the following.

Prosperity is theft. Choice is treachery. Reason is ignorance.

Because the past few months have shown just how far the modern American left is willing to twist and pervert language and policy to stop President Trump’s agenda.

While Democrats and some in the media bemoan the loss of truth and civility in American politics, they elevate these most extreme voices to pervert the language of the debate and misrepresent the actual language of the law.

Thankfully, it seems more and more people are tuning out the radical voices on the left. A return to sanity and reason in debate on public policy can’t come soon enough.

One thing we should all know for sure is that those perverting the language of our public policy debates only stand to gain if they are allowed to get away with it.

Creating misleading talking points that can easily be repeated is a lot easier than creating or explaining public policy that helps hard-working Americans. But it won’t lead to a more prosperous America, and it won’t create bigger paychecks for American workers.

If the voices on the left want to be remembered for something other than fighting against tax cuts and opposing choice and freedom, they are going to have to do better than this perversion of language and the crumbs they brought to the table this year.

The American people are starting to see through the charade and it only gets worse for them from here.

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