Thankful for rising American Heroes everywhere

These Americans are on the front lines in America’s fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Since the birth of America, our nation’s history has been one of ordinary Americans stepping up to serve our nation in times of great crisis and need.

While most Americans now are living under the “social distancing” guidelines of their local, state and federal government, we are once again witnessing the rise of ordinary Americans stepping up to provide extraordinary service for their fellow citizens.

America has just been issued a wake-up call showing that the most important people in our lives are not celebrities and athletes or those with millions of followers on social media.

No, our American heroes are the people who help our lives work every day – those who go largely unnoticed until we stop and think about the basics in our lives. They care for our sick, ensure we are able to eat and drive, maintain and heat our homes, educate our kids and keep us safe.

Health care workers have been preparing for weeks for the anticipated spike in COVID-19 cases. On social media they have read the news from China and Italy. Our doctors, nurses, medical assistants and CNA’s as well as the teams that are responsible for ensuring the environmental safety and cleanliness of our health care facilities know what’s coming and they are standing in the breach for their fellow Americans.

It wasn’t long ago that a certain candidate for President of the United States was belittling American farmers – but as farmers work to stabilize and fill American supply lines even as they face a shortage of workers, the truth has become crystal clear to all. America needs our farmers more than we need basically anything else.

Recently, a truck driver wrote a Facebook post saying he usually doesn’t ask for things, but he was asking for his friends to pray for him and his colleagues as they are driving non-stop to ensure needed supplies get delivered to where they need to be.

“We’re going to hell and back,” said the truck driver, asking for prayer.

If your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, Target or other department store is still stocked and functioning, aside from the bizarre toilet paper shortages, give thanks to the millions of American retail workers who are arriving early and leaving late. They are working like never before to get those shelves stocked and keep the store clean and welcoming.

Nothing induces fear like empty store shelves – so the incredible job American retail workers have done, working exhausting overtime schedules, has served our country to a measure well beyond just making sure your pantry is stocked.

Pharmacy workers spend every day face-to-face with fellow Americans walking around sick. In times such as these, they are an even more critical piece of America’s overall health care system. The existing health needs and conditions of more than 300 million Americans are not going away to make room for the pandemic. Our pharmacy workers are not only managing their ordinary workload, but serving to educate, calm and supply the American public at a time of great uncertainty.

In a move reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter of World War 2 fame, America’s manufacturers are retooling to become the twenty-first century “Arsenal of Democracy” in the war against the COVID-19 virus.

Ford, General Motors and Tesla are beginning to manufacture protective face masks for health care workers. American distilleries are making hand sanitizer. Paper products companies are ramping up production to keep shelves stocked and the supply line full.

Businesses across the nation are sending medical supplies they have on-hand over to their local hospitals. Networks are popping up across the nation, emptying woodworking shops and contractor supply warehouses to stock hospitals and health care facilities with protective gear.

Restaurants have been hit incredibly hard, with mandated closures of dine-in locations across the country. But restaurant owners and workers have retooled to offer delivery, take-out and curbside services to keep feeding Americans. Don’t discount the value of this service.

Between keeping some workers employed and minimizing the larger financial fallout, they are also offering a measure of comfort and relief for American families and many of the aforementioned workers who no longer have time to shop and cook.

While millions of Americans sit home, hopefully spending quality time with family or seeking enrichment in healthy, beneficial activities, these American heroes and many others will be on the front-lines day after day, fighting the war for America’s health and safety.

Just like the great American mobilizations of the past, they deserve our gratitude. Show some today, however you can. Send a message, make a call, ask them what they need or what you can do.

Politicians and talking heads will continue to bicker while political consultants and lobbyists continue to scheme – but these great Americans will continue working to care for their fellow Americans and their communities.

Let’s put up a monument to these workers in Washington D.C. when this is over.

The political class will need a constant reminder that it was hard-working Americans, not ivory tower elites, that pulled the nation through this.

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