Tale of Two Cities: Lewiston vs Portland ranked for single people by national site

The national website Wallethub, known primarily for offering financial tools and advice, recently published a list of America’s top cities for single people. The list of more than 180 cities includes two Maine cities, Portland and Lewiston.

While the cities are just thirty-five miles apart here in Maine, they are an entire nation apart according to this list.

Wallethub ranks Portland as the 10th best city for singles in the entire United States for 2017. The criteria used to rank Portland an overall 61.67 include 12th overall for “dating opportunities” and 22nd for “fun & recreation” but just 100th for “economics.”

Lewiston, which finds itself ranked above just seven other cities, ranks as the 175th of 182 cities, with a 39.69 overall score, did poorly in all categories. Lewiston was ranked 174th for “dating opportunities” and 159th for “fun & recreation” while managing just 95th for on the “economics” ranking.

Cities ranking above Portland in the top ten included San Francisco; Atlanta; Los Angeles; Denver; San Diego; Seattle; Chicago; Portland Oregon; and Minneapolis.

Although Portland is Maine’s largest city at about 67,000 people, it is dwarfed in size compared to the other top cities in this list, with Minneapolis the second smallest at over 400,000 people.

Lewiston, on the other hand, only managed to rank above seven other cities, Pearl City, HI; Yonkers, NY; Warwick, RI; Hialeah, FL; Pembroke Pines, FL; Brownsville, TX and South Burlington, VT.

You can read the full list and article at Wallethub here.

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