Rep. Deane Rykerson Archive

NH withdraws from regional gas tax push but Gov. Janet Mills is still at the table

AUGUSTA – As the Transportation and Climate Initiative enters a critical new stage, Gov. Chris Sununu

Janet Mills faces backlash for labeling gas tax opponents “trolls”

AUGUSTA – Last week Governor Janet Mills told Maine Public that people posting on social media

Maine House guts Free Speech bill after bizarre objection from Kittery Rep

AUGUSTA – The Maine House of Representatives yesterday voted along party lines with Democrats voting to

Bill could force Maine to pay triple market value for electricity says Maine PUC

AUGUSTA – While some Mainers grapple with rising energy costs, a bill that would remove restrictions

Rep who pushed Maine carbon tax seen shopping in tax-free New Hampshire

Portsmouth, NH – Rep. Deane Rykerson, who sparked outrage last week in Augusta by proposing a

Maine Carbon Tax bill is all but dead after public hearing

AUGUSTA – The proposal to impose a new tax on gas and home heating fuel faced

Democrats propose quadrupling Maine’s bond debt in first month of new Legislature

AUGUSTA – Maine’s current general obligation bond debt is about $376 million, but Democrat lawmakers eager

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