Strimling snubs Mills, supports Betsy Sweet for Governor

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling has endorsed Betsy Sweet for Governor. Photo courtesy Strimling’s official Facebook page and graphic from Sweet campaign’s email announcement of the endorsement.

AUGUSTA – With his own network of progressive activists concentrated in Maine’s largest pool of Democrat primary voters, Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling’s endorsement might be the rare endorsement that truly makes a difference in an election – and he is supporting activist Betsy Sweet in Maine’s Democrat primary for Governor.

The endorsement, made in an email from Betsy Sweet’s campaign, focuses on the need for a $15 minimum wage, quotes Strimling saying, “A $15 minimum wage would give working families a fighting chance at the American dream. But we’ll need a governor with the courage and the will to make it happen. That’s why our next governor has to be Betsy Sweet.”

The email also asks recipients to make a $5 donation to assist the Sweet for Governor campaign in securing $150,000 in additional public financing for her campaign – while taking shots at corporate lobbyists and wealthy special interests.

Beyond the political heft Strimling could provide to Sweet in the crowded primary, the endorsement could also be the latest crack in the narrative that Attorney General Janet Mills is the inevitable nominee.

Strimling’s decision to endorse Sweet, instead of Mills, the presumed frontrunner, whom Strimling served with in the Maine Legislature, cements Sweet in the top strata of candidates, with significant campaign funding and the ability to garner major endorsements in a crowded field of liberal and establishment candidates.

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