Stephen King’s Bangor Radio Station Dumps Liberal Talk Shows

WZON radio station sign. Photo courtesy

BANGOR – If you hear 60’s and 70’s music on the radio in Bangor, it’s the sound of liberal talk radio dying. The website reported on February 4 that oldies music would replace the sounds of liberal talkers on the Bangor airwaves.

As of February 1, WZON dumped the liberal talk radio shows of Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann during the day and three shows, including Leslie Marshall, at night.

Stephen King, who has owned the station since buying it for the second time in 1993, has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and other Republicans, recently attacking Congressman Bruce Poliquin for his support of gun rights.

The station will now feature only one weekday talk show, Downtown with Rich Kimball, and a Saturday morning talk show, The Woof Meow Show, for dog and cat owners.

The station is one of three owned by Stephen King and his wife Tabitha, the other two being 103.1 WZLO and 100.3 WKIT-FM.

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