Shine may be off Bernie Sanders in Maine if social media response is an indicator

The shine may be off Bernie Sanders as a Presidential candidate in Maine, according to social media reaction to his announcement he will run for President in 2020. Photo courtesy Bernie Sanders Facebook page.

Portland, Maine – If social media response is any indicator, the self-described socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders may not enjoy the same level of support in Maine in his run for President in 2020 as some believe he would have received in the 2016 campaign.

A Facebook post from Maine television station WMTW asked Mainers to weigh in on whether they would vote for Senator Sanders for President on February 19th, just as Sanders announced he would run for President again.

The results were decidedly against Sanders, with those who chose the “angry” reaction to indicate they would not vote for Sanders outnumbering by almost a two to one margin those who hit “like” to indicate they would vote for Sanders.

The other reactions also appear to be lopsided in opposition to Sanders, with 126 people responding with a love reaction while 736 responded with a response of “haha”, 18 with a “sad” reaction and 7 with a “wow” reaction.

Among those who stuck to WMTW’s request for their choice among the two reactions, Sanders had the support of 29.1% of those responding, while 56.6% said they would not vote for Sanders.

A day later the Bangor Daily News reported that many of Sanders prominent 2016 Maine supporters were not committing to supporting him in the 2020 Presidential election, saying Sanders had a “hard road” in 2020.

Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in Maine’s 2016 Democratic Presidential caucuses, winning more than 64% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 35.5%.

That success didn’t translate into the same level of dominance among the party’s national convention delegates however, with Hillary Clinton closing the gap with support from 4 of Maine’s 5 super delegates.

As a result of the post-caucus superdelegate race, Sanders went into the national convention with 18 delegates to Clinton’s 12, although Sanders started with a 17 to 8 delegate lead.

In contrast with the WMTW reaction to Sanders’ announcement, the station also recently asked their audience if they would support President Donald Trump in his re-election bid in 2020. Among those responding, more than 60% of the nearly 2,500 people responding indicated they would support the President for re-election, while only 36% registered a reaction indicating they would not vote for him. Another 3.6% of those responding offered one of the other Facebook reactions to the post.

Other Maine news sites showed mixed responses to Sen. Sanders’ announcement, with comments and reactions mixed but leaning toward opposition and mocking of Sanders.

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