Sen. Troy Jackson blocks sponsors of overtime tax cut bill

Senate President Troy Jackson (left) has blocked Rep. Chad Grignon (right) from signing additional sponsors to his proposal to cut the state income tax on the overtime hours of Maine workers. Photos from Maine Legislature’s website.

AUGUSTA – All Rep. Chad Grignon of Athens wanted was for what is called an “open jacket” to continue to sign up sponsors on his bill to eliminate state income tax on overtime for Maine workers.

Speaker Sara Gideon, a Democrat, granted his request, but Grignon was shocked when Senate President Troy Jackson, a Democrat from Allagash, refused.

“You either support the working people of Maine, or you do not!” said Grignon on Facebook Tuesday in an update about the bill and Jackson’s refusal to allow him the ability to sign on additional sponsors.

Rep. Grignon says his bill is going to exempt the pay that Maine workers earn from working more than 40 hours in a week from the state income tax.

He says workers who put in extra time above and beyond 40 hours in a work week deserve to keep more of their money instead of being punished for sacrificing that time away from their families.

Because of the way income tax is taken from workers’ paychecks, Grignon says it often doesn’t pay for a worker to put in the extra time and that any revenue the state thinks it would ‘lose’ from cutting the income tax on overtime it would make up in additional economic activity anyway.

Because those workers would have additional money in their pockets, that spending would help grow the economy and boost other workers as well, he says.

“It’s time we truly look out for Maine workers and put them first,” said Grignon. “I’m moving forward with this bill and I hope to build a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers who will stand with working Mainers and make sure they’re rewarded for their hard work and sacrifice.”

Rep. Grignon is a General Foreman at Pine State Drilling and is an expert in drill rig operation, welding and geothermal installation.

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