Sen. Susan Collins joins effort to block $450k payments to illegal immigrants by Biden

Senator Susan Collins is joining an effort to block President Joe Biden’s payment of $450k per person to migrants who illegally crossed the US Border.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Susan Collins is joining an effort to block President Joe Biden’s payment of $450,000 per person to migrants who faced separation from family after crossing the border illegally.

Collins announced she will join the effort in a press release.

Through an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, Collins will join Sen. Steve Daines, a Republican from Montana, Sen. Mitch McConnell and a host of others in trying to stop the approximately $1 billion payout of $450,000 per person.

A standalone bill to address the issue has also been crafted, Collins said in the statement.

Collins called the payments an insult to hardworking Americans and said they would create perverse incentives for people to illegally cross the border going forward.

“We need to treat people at the border humanely, and I oppose separating children from their families. Our southern border is in crisis, however, as our overwhelmed border patrol agents try to stem the tide of illegal crossings, which are at the highest level on record. Meanwhile, skyrocketing inflation is imposing a hidden tax on Americans’ savings,” said Senator Collins.

“Giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to individuals who violated our immigration laws would be an insult to hardworking Americans and create perverse incentives that encourage immigrants to make the dangerous journey north,” added Senator Collins.

Recently, President Biden called the reports of the payments “garbage” in a live press conference in response to a Fox News reporter’s question.

A day later, Biden’s Deputy Press Secretary told reporters that he was “comfortable” with the payments, despite his comments the day before.

The ACLU quickly rebutted Biden’s initial comment that the payments were “garbage”, suggesting Biden’s own Department of Justice was not keeping him informed on what they were doing.

With the comments by Biden’s spokeswoman, there is now no question that Biden supports the payments.

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