Sara Gideon sends a fundraising email, featuring a North Carolina graphic

A photo of Speaker Sara Gideon overlaid on a screenshot of a fundraising email she sent adorned with a North Carolina candidate graphic.

Charlotte, NC – Money is both central to Speaker Sara Gideon’s political career and a major problem for her political campaign. Recent months have seen her campaign stumble and struggle repeatedly over campaign finance and fundraising questions and scandals and this week brings yet another controversy.

Just weeks after being fined by the Maine Ethics Commission in the first of two reviews by state and federal campaign finance authorities for her illegal straw donor scheme, Sara Gideon is now being mocked for sending a fundraising email featuring a graphic from a North Carolina Congressional candidate.

A screenshot of the email provided by RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin shows that on Tuesday November 19, Gideon sent the fundraising email adorned with a graphic for Dan McCready for Congress.

McCready twice ran for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, losing both times.

Screenshot of the original Gideon North Carolina fundraising email.

“As Sara Gideon runs on a ‘Maine first’ message, she continues to expose herself as less than truthful through her own campaign’s complete ineptitude. Whether it’s campaign finance violations or sending fundraising emails from out of state campaigns, Gideon continues to prove that if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s getting in her own way,” said RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin in a statement.

The email, McLaughlin says, continues to build the narrative that “Shady Sara” is using “out of state money and endorsements” as the primary building blocks of her campaign.

It is true that much of the news around Gideon’s campaign has been about money from outside Maine or corporate PAC money.

She has been criticized for hypocrisy for claiming she opposes corporate PAC money after building a career on corporate donations to a “leadership PAC” she used to leverage votes to become Speaker of the Maine House.

Recently Gideon was hit with a fine from the Maine Ethics commission for a straw donor scheme and she still faces multiple charges before the FEC for other components of that same scheme – charges to which Gideon has already admitted guilt.

“It seems like Sara Gideon reminds Mainers almost daily that she in no way, shape, or form represents their interests,” says McLaughlin.

Gideon is running in a four-way primary against opponents Betsy Sweet, Bre Kidman and Ross LaJeunnesse. Gideon has the backing of the Democrat establishment in Washington D.C. and has received tens of thousands of dollars in support and donations from corporate funded PACs tied to establishment Democrat politicians.

Neither Sara Gideon nor her campaign have released a public comment on the North Carolina themed fundraising email.

John Ashbrook, a partner in a public affairs firm, appears to have originally revealed the Gideon North Carolina fundraising email in this tweet.

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