Sara Gideon misspells names of two Downeast towns in tweet, draws criticism

WASHINGTON D.C. – Speaker Sara Gideon represents the town of Freeport, Maine in the Maine House of Representatives. She was born in Rhode Island and lived in New York before moving to Maine in 2004. Now the misspelling of two well-known Maine communities in a single tweet are raising eyebrows and questions about who is in charge of Gideon’s campaign and how much the key leaders of Team Gideon actually know about Maine.

Gideon has taken criticism in her run for U.S. Senate against Senator Susan Collins, suggesting that her campaign positions, tactics and management appear to be obeying a Washington D.C. led strategy directed by Senator Chuck Schumer. At times, Gideon’s tweets on some key issues have been a nearly identical match to the tweets of other Democrat U.S. Senate candidates around the country who are also in the good graces of Sen. Schumer.

On February 18th, Gideon’s campaign was looking to promote the words of a woman named “Irene S.” in the Downeast newspaper the Ellsworth American.

Unfortunately for the Gideon campaign, her team did not appear to know how to spell Ellsworth, or Surry, a small town adjacent to Ellsworth, where “Irene S.” says she lives.

The graphic @SaraGideon tweeted said:



The tweet drew some quick responses from the left and right:

Riley Ploch is grateful Gideon left the embarrassing mistake up on Twitter for the whole world to see:

Dirigo Blue, a longtime left-wing Maine blogger wants to know when the Gideon campaign is going to stop making such simple mistakes, seriously??

Buster Kilrain wondered if the spelling problems have anything to do with spelling in Sara Gideon’s home state:

Rachel Good is sorry she has to be this person, but she’s going to be:

Cat Handler sees a pattern:

Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier (thanks Joe Biden) suggests the level of competence in Gideon’s campaign is why she is in government, not the private sector:

Capitalics suggests Gideon may have a strategy around the letter “E”, but warns it might not work:

Em Burnett is just like… double eek!:

Rodrigo Parra says he’s not from Maine but he’s sending Sara Gideon money!

Matt Whitlock says this is a pattern with the Schumer-picked staff running her campaign:

As of this morning,, the February 18th tweet from @SaraGideon misspelling the names of both Ellsworth and Surry was still live on Twitter. It had been retweeted more than 200 times and liked by more than 660 users.

It’s unclear how many of those retweets and likes are from users who also don’t know how to spell Surry and Ellsworth. In the Maine House of Representatives, both Surry and Ellsworth are represented by Democrats in Sara Gideon’s caucus.

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