RSLC Drops Ad Hitting Maine Democrats On Energy Costs & Policies

Screen capture from a recently announced five-figure digital video ad from the RSLC.

AUGUSTA – The Republican State Leadership Committee is not pulling any punches in a new ad hitting Maine Democrats for supporting policies that have driven up energy costs and made life more expensive for Mainers.

Titled “Pay the Price: Maine”, the ad highlights positions Democrats have taken on the state and national level that have driven up electricity costs in addition to gas & heating oil prices. The ad also highlights how those Democratic Party policies have made Americans more dependent on foreign dictators for the supply of fossil fuels.

“The radical liberal energy policies being pushed by Democrats in Augusta are crushing their hardworking constituents,” said RSLC National Press Secretary Stephanie Rivera. 

“Mainers are feeling the pain at the pump due to record gas prices, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats in the legislature from standing by Joe Biden’s war on energy. Mainers simply cannot afford more Maine Democrat leadership.”

Bringing the issue home to Maine, Rivera pointed to a bill touted as Maine’s “Green New Deal” passed by Maine Democrats and signed into law by Governor Janet Mills as contributing to the issues Maine now faces with energy costs.

In a written statement, Rivera said the ad is a “five-figure digital ad” from the RSLC. As you can see below, the searing ad cycles through a series of frames before ending with audio of President Joe Biden promising to end fossil fuels in the United States.

Maine’s Green New Deal bill is but one of numerous bills proposed by Maine Democrats in recent years that, by design, would drive up energy costs.

The infamous carbon tax bill proposed by Rep. Deane Rykerson in 2019 would have imposed a tax of about 40 cents per gallon on heating oil and gasoline. In the wake of that proposal, a series of other bills were proposed by Democrats in efforts to extract as much revenue as they could out of Mainers who drive gasoline powered automobiles or burn heating oil to heat their home or business.

Rykerson’s carbon tax bill alone garnered 62 sponsors between the Maine House and Senate, including many who are still in office and some who are running for re-election in 2022. (Click here for list)

To view the RSLC’s Ad on YouTube, click here.

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