RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel joins over a hundred Mainers on virtual training, discusses Trump, Senator Susan Collins

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel leads a virtual training with Maine Trump Victory staff and volunteers.

AUGUSTA – On Friday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel joined Maine Trump Victory for a “Trump Victory Leadership Initiative” virtual training. Along with talking politics and campaigns, she discussed the federal response to COVID-19 and Senator Susan Collins’ important role in saving hundreds of thousands of paychecks in Maine and millions nationally.

According Republican National Committee Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin, the Trump Victory Leadership Initiative (TVLI) is “Trump Victory’s signature training program, designed to facilitate rapid volunteer growth and focus on spreading the campaign’s and party’s message to every community across the country.”

Speaking to more than a hundred volunteers, Chairwoman McDaniel highlighted President Trump’s and Senator Collins’ historic response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“Not a single American who has needed a ventilator has been denied one” McDaniel said “We’re at a place where our country has surpassed every other country in testing”. According to the White House, President Trump has sent more than 32 million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Maine, including critical N-95 masks that keep our medical professionals safe.

“Your Senator, Susan Collins, was one of the coauthors of the Paycheck Protection Program, which has been so critical for the whole country” said McDaniel. According to Senator Collins, more than 18,000 Maine small businesses have already been approved for more than $2.3 billion in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program. Across the state, more than 177,000 jobs have been saved because of Senator Collins’ work on the Paycheck Protection Program. 

She also criticized Maine’s Second District Congressman Jared Golden for “dragging his feet” when Democrats in Congress waited two weeks to renew funding for the Paycheck Protection Program when the $350 billion fund ran dry. She said that jobs across the state were lost because Golden and Speaker of the Maine House, Sara Gideon, refused to call on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to renew funding for the critical program.

Nationally, President Trump’s and Senator Collins’ Paycheck Protection Program has already saved more than 30 million jobs in its first phase and is projected to save another 29 million in its second phase.

“Susan Collins was at the forefront of helping to deliver the Paycheck Protection Program that has been so instrumental in saving jobs across the country.” McDaniel said. “That is why what we’re doing here today is so critical… we absolutely have to reelect the President, we need to keep Susan Collins in the Senate, and we need to take back the House”.

McDaniel also highlighted Maine’s success with voter contact on the national scale, saying “Maine you have such great energy… Cody you have the trophy! Right next to Paul Bunyan!” 

That comment from Chairwoman McDaniel was in reference to the Maine Trump Victory operation winning the RNC’s national voter contact trophy for the second week in a row. The trophy is physically sent around the country to the winning team each week. Winning on back-to-back weeks is uncommon, says McLaughlin. It’s also a testament to the success of Maine Trump Victory during challenging times.

Since going virtual, Maine Trump Victory has hosted over 60 virtual Trump Victory Leadership Initiative Trainings and volunteers have made over 135,000 calls from their own homes, says McLaughlin. This cycle alone, Trump Victory has engaged over 3,250 grassroots supporters throughout Maine, as well as hosting over 1,815 1:1s, 1,960 MAGA Meet-ups attendees and 1,585 TVLI training attendees. 

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