Restaurant owner reads Gov. Janet Mills’ cell phone on national tv, will open in defiance of order

Screenshot of Tucker Carlson Tonight segment with the owner of Sunday River Brewing Rick Savage.

BETHEL, MAINE – Rick Savage, the owner of Sunday River Brewing Company in Bethel, Maine has had enough. Thursday night on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Savage said he is reopening his restaurant on Friday, May 1 in defiance of a state order to remain closed.

“I really appreciate, Tucker, coming on and I hope all these restaurants will be able to open and one further thing, I would love to share Janet Mills’ cell phone with everybody,” said Savage.

Savage then went on to read the number, with Savage saying so viewers, “Could give her a call directly.”

“She’s got all the phones shut down. You can’t even call, it goes to voicemail,” said Savage. “The lawmakers can’t even call her. They have to email her. She gets back to ‘em, oh thanks for that, I’ll get back to you soon.”

Some cross talk ensued while Savage read the number aloud on national television.

“If you guys want we could start a revolution. Come up and let’s get this state back open,” said Savage.

Mills has been facing heavy criticism from the restaurant industry and other business groups in Maine for her four step reopening plan which could leave some businesses shut down through the summer.

According to a study from Oxford Economics, Maine has the most fragile economy in the nation when it comes to facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many business owners have said they will not survive Mills’ plan, and some have already begun announcing they will close for good.

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Click here to watch the segment.

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