REPORT: 7 Sara Gideon staffers donated to bail out violent criminals, rioters

Seven of Sara Gideon’s staff (some shown in screenshots to Gideon’s right) have donated to bail out rioters and violent criminals in Minnesota.

FREEPORT, ME – There is yet more evidence that Sara Gideon’s campaign has taken a hard turn against law enforcement and in favor of rioters who have destroyed neighborhoods and small businesses across the country. A report from the Washington Free Beacon today revealed that at least seven of Sara Gideon’s campaign staffers have donated to a fund set up to pay bail for violent criminals and rioters arrested in Minnesota.

The Free Beacon reports that Gideon staffers donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which primarily supports bail for rioters arrested in Minnesota, but does not review the charges of those it is bailing out before paying their bail. So far, the Free Beacon reports, rioters in Minnesota have caused in excess of $55 million in damage.

Local TV station Fox9 KMSP reported that the Minnesota Freedom Fund “has bailed out defendants from Twin Cities jails charged with murder, violent felonies, and sex crimes…”

The Free Beacon report revealed that staffers Izabella Zox, Joe Oliva, Sara Sterner, Theo Merrill, Josh Caldwell, Alex Mull-Dryer, and Vincenzina Monteleon had all made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

The news that so many Gideon staffers had donated to bail rioters and violent criminals out of jail is not the first hint of a campaign at odds with law-and-order.

Gideon has taken fire in recent weeks for accepting contributions and even attending fundraisers and events with groups that loudly proclaim the left’s “Defund the Police” demands.

Gideon has established ties or accepted endorsements from at least four “Defund the Police” organizations. One of those organizations, NextGen America, has hosted a fundraiser for Gideon and proudly gives out “Defund the Police” bumper stickers on their website.

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