Rep. Jared Golden under fire in ads from RNC and others for supporting impeachment

Left: A screenshot of the full page newspaper ad from the RNC on Jared Golden. Right: A frame from the 30 second Club for Growth video ad calling our Jared Golden for his impeachment vote and “Broken Promises.”

AUGUSTA – Rep. Jared Golden is under fire again over the effort to impeach President Donald Trump. Golden, who initially suggested that he did not agree with the impeachment inquiry, fell in line with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Halloween Day and voted to support the inquiry.

Now, the Republican National Committee has included Golden in the latest phase of their “Stop the Madness” Tour, which is a seven-figure campaign that involves placing full page ads in newspapers in fifteen states targeting members of Congress.

The ads highlight the other work for the American people that the RNC says Golden and his fellow Democrats are ignoring while they pursue the impeachment.

The ad, which features large all caps WANTED at the top, goes on to call for a “Member of Congress who actually works for Maine.”

It lists the “required criteria” as:

-Will ratify USMCA and create 176,000 jobs

-Will pass critical funding for troops

-Will lower prescription drug prices

-Won’t waste taxpayer $$$ on partisan impeachment

-Will work with Republicans

The issues align with many of the things Golden claimed he would do on the campaign trail in 2018, where he talked about working across the aisle to get things done, including trade and prescription drug prices. Golden’s vote to support the Pelosi/Schiff impeachment inquiry has now pushed many of those issues into obscurity in the current political environment, with focus instead on the impeachment inquiry.

RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin says the ad, “Reinforces all the important legislative work that Democrats like Jared Golden could be working on instead of focusing on obstruction and impeachment, including passing the USMCA, working on defense spending, and lowering prescription drug prices.”

“Instead, Democrats have thrown all progress out the window in favor of partisan ambitions and political vendettas. This will only backfire at the ballot box in 2020,” said McLaughlin.

Along with the full page newspaper ads from the RNC, Golden is also being targeted in a digital ad campaign from the NRCC hitting him for voting for impeachment, calling impeachment a “sham” and asking people to sign up to stand with President Trump.

Club for Growth, another conservative group, has also launched a video ad criticizing Golden for voting for impeachment.

“The debt keeps creeping, health care costs still rising, drugs poisoning our communities, turmoil across the globe,” opens the Club for Growth video.

“So what’s Congressman Golden doing to solve these problems? The world hasn’t stopped, but for Golden and his party bosses, all that matters is impeachment,” continues the ad, as Rep. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi appear on screen alongside Golden.

“A distraction from the real issues facing everyday Americans,” says the narrator. “Golden promised problem solving, not partisanship. Tell him to keep his promise. Stop the impeachment.”

The ad closes providing a Washington D.C. phone number (202) 225-6306 for viewers to call Golden.

For his part, Golden has tried to soften blow back on his vote for the impeachment inquiry, signaling that his support of the initial inquiry does not guarantee his vote for official articles of impeachment. Golden’s voting record since he has been in Congress is one of the most disconnected from the wishes of his district in regard to President Trump, according to the website FiveThirtyEight, which is an ABC News affiliate.

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