Public help leads to arrest of four more illegal immigrants near northern Maine border

A photo of the U.S. – Canada border provided by Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens of the Border Patrol in Maine.

FORT FAIRFIELD, MAINE – A tip from the public led to the arrest of four individuals who were illegally present in the United States on January 4th, 2020. Two of the individuals had been walking in the cold and snow in Fort Fairfield after illegally crossing the U.S. border with Canada.

A resident from the area gave the first two illegal immigrants who were eventually detained a ride to the Fort Fairfield Police Station after finding them hitchhiking, cold and wet from walking in the snow. Border Patrol was notified at that point and detained the individuals, who were discovered to be Vietnamese citizens a twenty-seven year old man and twenty-four year old woman.

“This situation could have resulted in serious injury or death of the two Vietnamese citizens had they not been located and brought out of the elements.  Maine’s border areas are very remote and can be exceedingly dangerous to cross, especially during the winter months.” said Jason D. Owens, Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol in Maine.

Border Patrol agents spoke to the pair, learning they had crossed the border illegally and then attempted to identify the border crossing. An investigation into the border crossing of the Vietnamese citizens led agents to a known illegal border crossing where they observed a car traveling very slowly.

As part of their investigation, border patrol agents conducted a stop on the vehicle.

The stop resulted in the arrest of two Columbian citizens, one who was illegally present in the United States after overstaying a visa and another who had illegally entered the United States through Mexico in 2016.

All of the subjects were transported to the Fort Fairfield Border Patrol station for processing and removal.

The arrests continue a lengthy string of arrests of illegal immigrants for a variety of crimes in northern Maine. The string includes, as recently as last week, the arrest of seven individuals, including five in a human smuggling bust.

While most of the media attention around border security has focused on President Trump’s push to secure the southern border, border patrol officials regularly face illegal entries and other crimes on the northern border of the United States as well.

The Border Patrol in Maine relies on the cooperation and assistance of the public. Anyone wishing to make a confidential report of suspicious activity may do so by calling (800) 851-8727 to contact the U.S. Border Patrol in Maine.

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