PTP: Out of every $100, how Janet Mills’ budget would spend your tax dollars

Read on to see how much out of every $100 of your tax dollars would be spent in each department under Governor Janet Mills’ proposed budget.

AUGUSTA – In the interest of showing you, in easy to understand terms, how your tax dollars would be spent under Governor Janet Mills’ proposed budget, Maine Examiner has taken the proposed budget by department and broken it down to show you how much of every $100 of your tax dollars would be spent.

These numbers do not include the transportation budget, which is funded separate from the general fund.

Overall, $70.17 out of every $100 of your tax dollars would be spent on the Department of Health and Human Services ($33.80) or the Department of Education ($36.37).

The University of Maine System would see $5.67 out of that $100, and the Department of Corrections, which runs Maine’s prison system, would receive $4.95 out of every $100.

Maine’s Judicial Department would receive $2.15 and the Department of Public Safety (think state police, Maine DEA and other law enforcement) would get $1.37.

Maine’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services would receive $4.61, but that department provides procurement services and a host of other services, such as Information Technology, which make it’s role hard to measure directly against that number.

The Maine State Treasurer’s budget would grow to $2.87 out of every $100 of your tax dollars spent. See below for the complete list, by line, in Governor Mills’ proposed budget:

DepartmentCost from every $100
State Treasurer$2.87
University of Maine System$5.67
Centers for Innovation<$0.01
Maine Ethics Commission<$0.01
Dept. of Administrative & Financial Services $4.61
Dept. Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry$0.88
Dept. of Corrections$4.95
Dept. Defense, Veterans, Emergency Mgmt$0.24
Dept. Economic & Community Development$0.38
Dept. Environmental Protection$0.22
Dept. Inland Fisheries & Wildlife$0.74
Dept. of Labor$0.29
Dept. of Marine Resources$0.32
Dept. of Public Safety$1.37
Dept. of Attorney General$0.63
DepartmentCost from every $100
Dept. of Secretary of State$0.17
Dirigo Health$0.03
Disability Rights Maine<$0.01
Downeast Inst. Applied Marine Research <$0.01
Governor’s Office$0.13
Finance Authority of Maine$0.44
Judicial Department$2.15
Law & Legislative Reference Library$0.04
Maine Legislature$0.72
Maine Arts Commission$0.02
Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services$0.41
Maine Community College System$1.81
Maine Development Foundation<$0.01
DepartmentCost from every $100
Maine Fire Protection Services Commission <$0.01
Maine Historic Preservation Commission$0.01
Maine Historical Society<$0.01
Maine Hospice Council<$0.01
Maine Human Rights Commission$0.03
Maine Humanities Council<$0.01
Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission<$0.01
Maine Maritime Academy$0.23
Maine Municipal Bond Bank<$0.01
Maine Potato Board <$0.01
Maine Public Broadcasting$0.04
Maine Public Employees Retirement System<$0.01
Maine Rural Development Authority$0.06
Maine State Cultural Affairs Council<$0.01
Maine State Housing Authority$0.06
Maine State Library$0.1
Maine State Museum$0.05
NE Interst Water Pollution Cont Commis.<$0.01
State Auditor$0.04
Pine Tree Legal Assistance$0.01
State House Preservation Fund $0.02
Saco River Corridor Commission<$0.01
St. Croix International Waterway Commis.<$0.01
State Board of Education<$0.01
State Board of Property Tax Review<$0.01

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