President Trump releases video on border security funding, Democrats are “hypocrites”

Screenshot from President Trump’s recently released video on border security.

Washington D.C. – As the debate over funding for border security along the southern border of the United States heats up, President Donald Trump released a video that includes clips of then-Senator Barack Obama, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton all talking about their support for funding to create border walls or barricades to stop illegal immigration.

The video, which cuts from President Trump making his case for border security to the various clips, features the President saying Democrats are hypocrites who now are opposing border security funding to oppose him.

President Trump also says he will do whatever it takes to secure the border, which he says is a pledge he made a long time ago.

“They have to put the people ahead of politics,” says President Trump at another point in the video. “We need to have the wall. We need border security.”

The issue exploded back into the public eye with the now-famous Oval Office meeting where President Trump debated Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Schumer with television news cameras rolling live across the country.

Pelosi and Schumer have both stridently opposed border security funding of late.

You can watch President Trump’s video below.

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