Portland Sea Dogs’ “Slugger” denies interest in running for Mayor

A lawn sign promoting a write-in vote for Slugger For Mayor. Slugger is the Portland Sea Dogs’ mascot and “Director of Fun.” Photo courtesy Twitter: @Slugger_SeaDog

PORTLAND – Voters in Portland looking for an alternative to the current crop of candidates for Mayor can scratch one of the city’s most beloved figures off their list of prospects.

Slugger, the mascot and “Director of Fun” for the Portland Sea Dogs, tweeted a picture of a lawn sign that says, “Write In Slugger for Mayor Because Portland Deserves Authentic Leadership”

While Slugger says all four of the candidates are “way more qualified” than he is, the sign itself appears to be taking a shot at the field of candidates, suggesting they are less than authentic.

Mayor Ethan Strimling has spent much of the year in heated battles, from sparking a financial and housing crisis by calling for hundreds of undocumented immigrants to Portland in an attempt to take a shot at President Donald Trump. Strimling has also battled with City Manager Jon Jennings and led a push to allow non-citizens to vote in the city.

Strimling also pushed for a local option sales tax and has presided over an increase in property taxes in Portland. He also recently took fire for sending a fundraising email claiming business leaders at an event “heckled him” although video and published accounts showed no such heckling.

Recently Strimling and a group opposing him have traded ethics complaints, accusing one another of wrongdoing in the campaign.

Other candidates in the race are Spencer Thibodeau, a City Councilor, Travis Curran, a server from the East End, and Kate Snyder, who formerly chaired the Portland School Board and heads a non-profit.

Spencer Thibodeau has been endorsed by a cadre of former Mayors of the city and a majority of the current members of the City Council.

The election will be on November 5th and will be conducted using ranked-choice voting.

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