Poll: Support for impeachment plummets among independents, Maine’s largest voter block

Photo of Rep. Jared Golden during a meeting in his office in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. – According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico, opposition to the controversial impeachment inquiry has risen sharply among independent voters across the nation. The poll says support for the inquiry among independents dropped by ten percentage points in the poll.

The poll, conducted nationally by interviewing 1,994 voters, shows that support for impeachment is now opposed by 47% of independent voters and supported by only 40%.

The news could have big implications for Maine. Maine, unlike most states, has a very strong block of registered voters who declare themselves “unaffiliated” but commonly call themselves “independent.”

More than 370,000 Maine voters among the state’s 1.05 million registered voters are unaffiliated, or “independent”, more than any of the major parties, according to the Maine Secretary of State’s office.

A 10% swing of support against impeachment by Maine independents could create big problems for some Democrats, particularly Rep. Jared Golden, who cast a controversial vote in favor of kicking off the impeachment inquiry.

In the Second Congressional District that Golden lost on election night but was declared the winner in a narrow and controversial ranked-choice voting process, Democrats now rank third in voter registration behind both registered independent and Republicans.

When looking at voter registration and the 2016 election results, which saw Trump trounce Hillary Clinton by more than 10 points, one could draw the conclusion that Golden may have inflicted serious damage on himself with his vote.

Even in Maine’s more liberal First Congressional District, represented by Rep. Chellie Pingree, independent voters make up 35% of total registered voters. Combined, Republicans and independents outnumber Democrats by about 130,000 registered voters in Pingree’s district.

Republicans, led by President Trump, have called the impeachment inquiry a witch hunt and sham, while Democrats have charged ahead aggressively despite being able to produce any concrete evidence of their accusations.

The poll was conducted nationally among 1,994 voters from November 15-17. Interviews were conducted online and weighted to represent a target sample of registered voters. The margin of error for the poll is two percentage points.

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