Poll: Americans see immigration as threat to economy, trust biz more than government

A new poll of over 2,000 Americans from Morning Consult conducted in partnership with the Bloomberg Global Business Forum shows Americans view immigration as the top threat to the United State economy, with 20% of Americans polled citing immigration as the top threat to the United States economy. Income inequality was seen as the largest threat by 17% of Americans.

The poll also found that Americans have complex views on automation, with 30% saying that tasks or jobs at their place of work at being automated, but only 20% concerned it will impact their job. Half or more of the jobs in the world are at risk of being automated, according to 53% of those polled.

Diving into American views on business vs government, those polled trusted business by a wide margin over government. On job creation, 57% percent of those polled said business policies will help create American jobs, while only 39% expressed the same confidence in government.

Poll results can be viewed here.


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