Pine Tree Primer: Janet Mills’ proposed spending increases by department

AUGUSTA – Now that Governor Janet Mills has rolled out her state budget proposal to the Legislature and Maine people, Maine Examiner has taken the steps to break out the spending increases proposed by Governor Janet Mills in each department of state government.

Below are the spending increases (and in a few cases, decreases) by department, in Governor Mills’ state budget proposal.

Spending increase/decrease as percentage of department budget

Department% Change
Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services50.89%
Maine Human Rights Commission41.24%
Governor’s Office (Executive Department)25.79%
Dept. of Marine Resources21.19%
State Treasurer20.52%
Maine State Museum18.48%
Dept. of Attorney General17.98%
Maine State Library16.95%
Judicial Department12.92%
Dept. of Health and Human Services12.50%
Dept. of Education12.45%
Dept. of Public Safety11.53%
Dept. of Secretary of State11.17%
State Board of Education10.77%
Department% Change
Finance Authority of Maine9.59%
Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife8.13%
Agriculture, Conservation, Forestry7.98%
Maine Ethics Commission7.83%
Maine Arts Commission7.83%
University of Maine System7.77%
Maine Community College System7.59%
Maine Public Broadcasting7.50%
Law & Legislative Reference Library7.41%
Maine Historic Preservation Commission6.72%
Office Program Evaluation and Govt. Accountability6.03%
Economic & Community Development4.90%
Dept. of Labor4.52%
Administrative and Financial Services3.77%
Department% Change
Dirigo Health2.12%
Dept. of Environmental Protection0.91%
Defense, Veterans, Emergency Management0.84%
Office of State Auditor-1.66%
Maine Maritime Academy-8.31%
Maine State Housing Authority-8.93%
State Board of Property Tax Review-18.30%
Maine Public Employees Retirement System-26.14%
Maine State Cultural Affairs Council-93.16%

Biennial State Budget spending increase in dollars by department

Dept. of Education$323,956,519
Dept. of Health and Human Services$301,958,664
State Treasurer$39,263,223
University of Maine System$32,849,843
Judicial Department$19,774,866
Administrative and Financial Services$13,454,439
Dept. of Public Safety$11,421,099
Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services$11,116,779
Maine Community College System$10,274,285
Dept. of Attorney General$7,727,096
Agriculture, Conservation, Forestry$5,216,643
Maine Rural Development Authority$5,000,000
Dept. of Marine Resources$4,518,964
Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife$4,454,651
Finance Authority of Maine$3,106,000
Governor’s Office (Executive Department)$2,199,290
Economic & Community Development$1,436,878
Dept. of Secretary of State$1,383,109
Maine State Library$1,176,031
Dept. of Labor$998,267
Maine Human Rights Commission$668,894
Maine State Museum$642,480
Law & Legislative Reference Library$232,973
Maine Public Broadcasting$225,000
Defense, Veterans, Emergency Management$162,553
Dept. of Environmental Protection$157,727
Office Program Evaluation and Govt. Accountability$157,160
Maine Arts Commission$144,658
Dirigo Health$49,010
Maine Historic Preservation Commission$47,021
State Board of Education$35,117
Maine Ethics Commission$23,330

Biennial State Budget spending decrease in dollars by department

State Board of Property Tax Review-$38,772
Office of State Auditor-$55,587
Maine Public Employees Retirement System-$140,688
Maine State Housing Authority-$500,000
Maine State Cultural Affairs Council-$1,075,000
Maine Maritime Academy-$1,688,548

Any department of state government not listed in the tables above is proposed to receive the same funding as in the previous two-year state budget.

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