OPINION: What do Republicans stand for?

Following is an Opinion Piece from Maine Examiner contributor Ken Frederic.

Maine Examiner contributor Ken Frederic of Bristol, Maine.

For an active, involved, and reasonably informed Republican, the only things more annoying than that question are the people who ask it.  So, let us first stipulate that there really are no people genuinely asking that question.  In the first place, it is not a question, it is a Democrat statement punctuated with a question mark.  Everyone with measurable brain activity knows precisely what Republicans stand for and those who do not are a special class of fools. They are the residual viewers of CNN and the other legacy acronym networks along with those who still feed their brains the rat poison delivered in print media, especially major newspapers, and the editorial pages of minor Democrat pamphleteers like the BDN and PPH.

For this writer, the time for admiring the problems Democrats have manufactured and inflicted on Maine and America long ago passed along with the time for patronizing their enablers.  Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and Americans must change.  No longer is it possible to get any reliable information from the sources our grandparents used: Those long ago escaped bankruptcy by selling their remaining assets to Democrat propagandists and replacing professional staff with the uneducated but thoroughly indoctrinated tools turned out of our Government run schools, including the Universities so pervasively corrupted by student loan and academic ‘grant’ schemes.

Republicans have never made secret their support for reducing the size and scope of Government. Democrats have made no secret of their intent to expand both and create problems to justify “Solutions” that enable that expansion.  We are now immersed in the inevitable disaster that results from empowering Democrats and allowing their schemes to be implemented using Government coercion. 

This week, the Maine Democrat Party put out a typically empty assertion: “LePage’s tenure was a disaster for Maine people. Governor Mills has returned leadership and integrity to the Blaine House, and the result has been enormous progress.” The only part of that statement that could possibly be called true is that there was indeed a “LePage Tenure”.  The rest is utterly unsubstantiated assertion bearing no relationship to what has happened since Janet Mills became Governor.  But, Maine Dems have given us a list of things that Republicans should loudly and proudly declare they are FOR:

  • Admitting that Maine’s K-12 education is failing because it is over-funded, obscenely arrogant, and unaccountable. Empowering teachers and parents while removing the influence of politicians and the teacher’s unions.
  • Making daycare a parental duty, not a Government service. Subsidies for those truly needed must not be the excuse for creating another Government control and regulation regime.
  • Admitting that lockdowns, masks, mandates, and even vaccinations did nothing to prevent COVID infection or the spread of the disease but were instead the pretext for obscene abuses by elected officials and the corrupt media.  Revising emergency powers to require legislative approval on a continuing basis. IF there is an emergency, legislators should surely be in their seats every day of its duration.  Investigating, prosecuting, and punishing those who exceeded their authorities.
  • Reversing the mindset and policies that put 90,000 able bodied young adults on Medicaid and calling it “healthcare access.”

Republicans know that nothing done by or during the Mills tenure represents progress.  Declaring the economy robust while closing hundreds of businesses does not put anyone on the path to economic independence and was never intended to do so. Expanding the number of people on Medicaid while closing facilities and firing healthcare workers does not expand access to healthcare and was never intended to do so. And asserting ‘integrity’ while in fact subverting it, suppressing opposing speech, and embracing ‘woke’ narratives is anything but displaying integrity. 

The truth is available, but it won’t be delivered via any legacy television network or cable supplier.  Neither will it be found in the puppy-papers delivered to your doorsteps or PO boxes.  Those who refuse to learn how to use the Internet are relics of another millennium and that refusal traps them in ignorance and irrelevance. Those who willingly ingest the intellectual rat poison served up by radical democrat progressives are destined to remain the automatons written about by Huxley and Rand almost a century ago. 

Republicans also stand for:

  • Trusting and returning power to the people, dramatically reducing the size, scope, and domestic influence of the Federal Government. Returning the funding and control of public policies to the lowest possible level. Rejecting absolutely the notion that the Federal Government has a role of imposing “uniformity” across the states. Republicans know good decisions and policies are made by the people, not by elected officials and never by snivel servant bureaucrats.
  • Insisting that the truth be published and distributed freely. Lies should be denounced but assertions are neither the truth nor lies and unfit for publication of broadcast until evidence is presented.  Unsupported assertion is not information and distributing it is not journalism.
  • Insisting that language not be subverted by calling things what they are not: Equity is not the equivalent of equality, gender is a language construct, not the equivalent of biological sex, and race, like sex is determined at conception. Neither is a choice subject to change.  Neither is a valid criterion for elevating or diminishing any person or group of people.
  • Measuring progress by the increasing wealth and self-determination of every American according to his or her own abilities and choices, not according to the whimsical fantasies of the ignorant and hateful adolescents who are drawn to the authoritarian philosophies of today’s Democrat party.

Ken Frederic is a native of Ellsworth and graduate of UMO. He and his wife, Betty Ann, retired to Maine in 2012 after 43 years as a Department of Defense consultant. They now live in Bristol and are active in the community, St. Patrick’s Church, and Republican politics.

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