New poll spells trouble for Jared Golden on impeachment vote against Trump

Rep. Jared Golden leans back in his chair during a meeting. Photo / Congressman Jared Golden Facebook page.

WASHINGTON D.C. – The rare release of polling related to Maine Congressional District Two suggests Jared Golden is in trouble on the issue of impeachment.

Congressional polling conducted by the Trump campaign across the thirty Congressional Districts won by Trump in 2016 but currently held by Democrats in Congress show the impeachment issue is widely unpopular. The poll suggests impeachment is placing those Democrat incumbents in political peril.

Sixty-two percent of those polled agreed with a statement that they want their Congressman/woman to move past impeachment to work on important issues and let voters decide about the President. Only 36 percent disagreed.

In a generic ballot question, Democrats in Congress are trailing their Republican opponent, a rare occurrence in these districts which are widely seen as swing districts.

“All other things being equal, if you had to choose today, would you be more likely to vote for (ROTATE) a Republican candidate OR a Democrat candidate for Congress?”

47% Republican
44% Democrat
7%   Undecided
1%   Refused

Intensity on the generic ballot question is also higher for Republicans, with 38% of voters saying “Definitely Republican” while only 33% said “Definitely Democrat.”

When the question turns more directly to the matter of returning the current incumbent to Congress in the next election, Democrat incumbents also get terrible reviews.

“Would you say that your Congressman/woman has performed his/her job as Congressman well enough to deserve re-election OR do you think it is time to give a new person a chance to do better?”

47% New Person
36% Deserves Re-election

That result also shows an anti-incumbent intensity that far outpaces the support for re-electing incumbent Democrats. 33% of voters said they “Strongly” support electing a new person while only 21% said they “Strongly” support re-electing the incumbent Democrat.

“These Democrats already knew they were in trouble before the sham impeachment, but now they are in serious jeopardy,” said Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale. 

“By moving forward with her political theater of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi has accomplished two things: she has energized the President’s supporters and walked her entire majority caucus off the plank.”

On Wednesday night, Golden, who represents one of the thirty districts polled, announced he would support impeaching President Trump, voting for one of two articles of impeachment.

Golden’s tweet of the announcement received more than 300 public responses from supporters and opponents of impeachment. Most of those responses were negative. Opponents of the impeachment effort largely blasted Golden for supporting the effort to remove President Trump, while a number of responses from people who said they voted for Golden framed his decision as a betrayal and vowed not to vote for him for re-election.

Golden’s lengthy statement includes suggestions that he believes President Trump has “betrayed his trust” to “foreign powers.” Golden also says in the statement that he believes the President acted with “corrupt intent.”

Horror author Stephen King, perhaps Maine’s most famous figure, blasted Golden in a tweet, saying if Golden doesn’t vote for both articles of impeachment, “I will work with all my might to see him defeated next year.”

In 2018, Golden was awarded Maine’s Second District Congressional seat after losing on election night. Maine’s new ranked-choice voting system narrowly delivered what some consider a dubious victory days later after the votes of the third and fourth place candidates were reallocated through a computer algorithm in Augusta.

The poll also shows that top issues such as trade, infrastructure and prescription drug prices are far more important to voters than impeachment.

When asked to answer what is more important, a specific issue or impeachment, voters largely chose an issue that affected their lives, not impeachment, as a top priority.

Regardless of whether you favor or oppose impeachment, which is more important to you personally…

68% Congress passing legislation to lower prescription drug prices
25% Congress impeaching President Trump

66% Passing new trade deals that protect and create American jobs
29% Congress impeaching President Trump

66% Passing legislation to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure
27% Congress impeaching President Trump

On a question of whether voting for impeachment makes voters more or less likely to re-elect the incumbent, 38% of voters said they were less likely to re-elect an incumbent that voted for impeachment, while only 29% said they were more likely to re-elect an incumbent that voted for impeachment.

Voters are also opposed to impeachment overall, with 53% opposing impeachment and 43% supporting impeachment.

“Jared Golden is trying to have his cake and eat it too, but voters in Maine know that he is choosing Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats’ unhinged caucus over his constituents. Golden’s political career is over, and voters won’t forget his cowardice come November,” said RNC spokesperson Nina McLaughlin after the release of the polling and Jared Golden’s announcement that he would support impeachment.

The poll surveyed 900 likely 2020 general election voters across the thirty “swing” districts (30 voters from each). It has a margin of error of ± 3.27%. The poll was conducted by the polling firm Fabrizio, Lee & Associates.

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