New leaked emails cast doubt on Chin’s defense of racism claims in Lewiston

LEWISTON – Less than a day after Lewiston Mayoral candidate Ben Chin asserted to the Lewiston Sun Journal that he had never called the community or any neighborhood in the community racist, two new leaked emails are casting doubt on the honesty of Chin’s statement.

The emails, written by Chin to his inner campaign team, were leaked to Maine Examiner by a campaign insider concerned about the direction of the campaign. Screenshots of both emails are available at the end of this article.

One of the emails, written by Ben Chin on Wednesday July 19, shows Chin describing his work knocking on doors

Ben Chin, candidate for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine.

beginning on Old Chadbourne Road and ending at No Name Pond, Chin writes to his campaign team, “Some really racist people in the beginning, some really nice people in the end.”


Another email, written on August 2, Chin describes his experience in “working class” neighborhoods around the South Ave that are off Lisbon Street by saying “Quite a bit of racism, anti-downtown stuff as well, including among supporters.”

The Lewiston Sun Journal article where Chin claimed to have never called any Lewiston neighborhood or the community of Lewiston in general racist was written by Lewiston Sun Journal reporter Steve Collins.

Collins’ son appears regularly as one of the inner campaign team members on the leaked Ben Chin emails. The Lewiston Sun Journal article does not display a disclaimer on this matter and it is not clear if the newspaper has taken measures to ensure the integrity of their coverage.

The candidate, who has come under scrutiny after a campaign insider began leaking internal emails, hopes to win the December 12th election to replace Mayor Bob MacDonald.

Chin, who is the political director for the Maine People’s Alliance and an Augusta lobbyist, faces Shane Bouchard, a Lewiston native and small business owner, who serves on the Lewiston City Council, to replace MacDonald as Mayor of Lewiston.

July 19 Email containing message written by Lewiston Mayoral candidate Ben Chin.




Email written by Ben Chin on August 2, 2017.


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