New ad blasts Maine Dems for “woke” agenda in schools, following Biden

Screenshot from RSLC Ad “Erased”

AUGUSTA – Maine Democrats woke up the day after Maine’s primary elections to a new ad from the RSLC blasting them for pushing a “woke” public school agenda and following unpopular President Joe Biden’s lead in shutting parents out of schools and participation in the education of their children.

The ad, part of the RSLC’s “Biden Remorse” Series, is up on digital platforms in Maine and some other states where Democrats control state legislatures.

The purpose of the ad, the RSLC’s Andrew Romeo explained in a press release, is to “display how the woke curriculum Democrats are championing at the expense of traditional learning comes as students are already facing troubling learning loss as a result of liberal lockdowns during the pandemic”

“After their prolonged lockdowns weakened the educational and social development of an entire generation, Joe Biden and his state Democrat allies are determined to inflict even further harm on kids by wokifying schools and vilifying concerned parents,” said RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo. “State Republicans will protect our children’s futures by removing politics from the classroom, providing parents with a voice, and giving schools the support they need so they can teach the important things.” 

About halfway into the ad, the video cuts to President Biden saying, “They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

The ad is also encouraging voters to visit to get updates about how to vote in their state legislative elections.

You can view the RSLC’s School Ad “Erased” Below:

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