Name Of Congressional Candidate’s Maine Biz Venture Will Make Some Mainers LOL

Lucas St. Clair may be best known among northern and rural Maine voters as the son of wealthy businesswoman Roxanne Quimby. While “Ban Roxanne” signs still dot the rural Maine landscape to protest Quimby’s aggressive tactics in shutting off land and hurting local businesses as she pursued the creation of a national park near Baxter State Park, Lucas St. Clair’s connection may be lesser known among voters outside the immediate area where Quimby’s business empire began and her grand vision for her land holdings was eventually realized.

Anyone who watches the award-winning documentary Burt’s Buzz is certain to understand that Roxanne Quimby is a sharp businesswoman. Many people are also likely to question her ruthless tactics or business ethics after hearing how she acquired the Burt’s Bees business and moved it to a state with cheaper labor costs amid a dispute with Maine labor officials, eventually cashing in to the tune of about $350 million

While St. Clair in recent years stepped forward to become the voice of his mother’s national park push, effectively accomplishing what she could not do politically, there is an interesting parallel between the two in the business world as well.

An article from Downeast Magazine titled Here Comes The Son describes a St. Clair business venture that is sure to make those rural Maine voters whose lawns sport “Ban Roxanne” signs take notice.

In the article, Lucas St. Clair’s Maine-based business venture is revealed – an upscale restaurant in Winter Harbor named “Mama’s Boy Bistro”. St. Clair owned the restaurant for several years more than a decade ago.

Photo of Mama’s Boy Bistro business card, Courtesy

Additionally, St. Clair is known to have spent time as a guide in the Pacific northwest, as a sommelier (wine expert), and to have tried his hand as a chef before returning to Portland, Maine and pursuing his mother’s legacy.

St. Clair will face off against House Democrat Assistant Leader Jared Golden and several other Democrats in the 2018 Democrat Congressional primary for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

While it may not become a factor to voters in the 2018 Democratic primary, or even voters in the general election if St. Clair wins the nomination, the fact that a Congressional candidate whose initial prominence was established simply because he did the bidding of his wealthy mother actually owned a restaurant called “Mama’s Boy Bistro” is a narrative that will certainly make those who subscribe to the “Ban Roxanne” philosophy laugh.

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