Most anti-gun bills voted down by Maine Legislative Council

The four GOP leaders and members of the Legislative Council who united against anti-gun legislation, left to right: Rep. Trey Stewart, Rep. Kathleen Dillingham, Senator Dana Dow, Senator Jeff Timberlake.

AUGUSTA – Despite the presence of several strong anti-gun politicians on Maine’s Legislative Council, all but one of the anti-gun bills proposed by lawmakers for the upcoming legislative session were voted down in split or unanimous votes during the council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Proposals that have been covered by Maine Examiner, including a bill to require gun owners purchase liability insurance, a bill to “ban assault style weapons” and another to redefine “machine guns” in state law that could have led to seizure and confiscation by law enforcement were all voted down.

Other anti-gun proposals that were voted down included several that sought to ban or restrict the sale of firearms.

One proposal, that would align Maine’s laws around possession of firearms near or in child care facilities with the laws around public schools survived the day, being tabled.

The legislative council votes are not the final word on the proposals that were voted down, however. On November 23rd, the lawmakers who sponsored those proposals can bring forward an appeal to the council and ask lawmakers to reconsider allowing their proposals into the legislative session.

The four Republicans on the Legislative Council, Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow and Assistant Leader Jeff Timberlake, along with House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham and Assistant Leader Trey Stewart, were united in opposition to the anti-gun proposals.

Speaker Sara Gideon and her colleagues from the House Democratic Leadership office voted in favor of some of the proposals and against some proposals. Senate Democrat members were less likely to vote in favor of the anti-gun proposals than their House colleagues.

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