Maine’s Angus King votes for stimulus checks to illegal immigrants in late night vote session

Official photo of Senator Angus King (I – Maine)

WASHINGTON D.C. – When Congress geared up to consider passing a sixth relief package to reduce the pain on the American people and the economy Thursday night, Senator Angus King sided with a minority of U.S. Senators in voting to allow the federal government to send stimulus checks to people who are not in the country legally.

The vote came on an amendment sponsored by Sen. Tom Young (R – Indiana) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R – Arkansas) which was designed to prevent federal tax dollars from being distributed to those not present in the United States legally.

“It would establish a dangerous precedent if the federal government were to give a direct cash payment to those who have jumped the line and subverted our nation’s immigration system to enter the United States,” said Senator Young. “I’m pleased the Senate has passed our amendment on a bipartisan basis.”

“We shouldn’t give checks to foreigners who’ve broken our laws. Pandemic relief should go only to Americans, not illegal immigrants,” said Senator Cotton.

But Senator Angus King of Maine joined with 41 other Senators to oppose the amendment, effectively declaring that the federal government should issue checks to illegal immigrants.

Among the Senators that joined Sen. King (I – Maine) were Senator Bernie Sanders; Senator Barbara Feinstein; Senator Jon Ossoff; Senator Raphael Warnock and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Senior Senator from Maine, Senator Susan Collins, joined with 57 other Senators to support the measure not to send checks to illegal immigrants. The vote made a pretty clear statement that the Senate does not support such spending, even if it the extreme left wing of American politics intensely wants it to.

Just eight Senators from the Democratic Party joined Collins and Republicans in voting to support the effort to prohibit stimulus checks for illegal immigrants.

To read the full roll-call vote on the amendment, click here:

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