Maine Trump Victory touts grassroots success at Presidential Debate Watch Party

Elliott Echols, the National Field Director for the RNC speaks to a group in Bangor ahead of the first Presidential debate.

BANGOR, ME – During the first Presidential debate on Tuesday, Maine Trump Victory held events across the state for President Trump’s supporters while touting their monumental field program.

In Bangor, about fifty Mainers were joined by Chris Carr and Elliott Echols, Trump Victory’s National Political Director and National Field Director respectively.

Carr and Echols both praised Maine Trump Victory and their record-breaking campaign.

Speaking to the supporters at Seasons Restaurant and Sports Bar, Echols said that they are “part of the largest Presidential election campaign in history” before breaking the news that across the country Trump Victory has more volunteers in their army than the gargantuan campaign to re-elect President Obama in 2012.

This news was met with raucous applause by the conservative crowd.

Each of President Obama’s campaigns relied heavily on community organizing, and after the Republican party lost both of those elections, they started using the Democrat playbook against them, to massive successes.

Maine Trump Victory tells the same story that Trump Victory is seeing across the country, a record-breaking grassroots campaign that is engaging more volunteers than Republicans have ever seen before.

Andrew Mahaleris, a spokesperson for Maine Trump Victory says that they “Talk to more voters in a week than we did in the entirety of 2016”.

Mahaleris also said that this cycle alone, Maine Trump Victory has made more than 1.5 million voter contacts in the state, talking to voters about President Trump, his agenda, and encouraging them to support Republicans up and down the ticket.

He said that the reason they are able to see these massive successes in contacting voters can be explained by the energy that the President has brought to the Republican party, which has spurned more than eight thousand Mainers to volunteers for the campaign.

This energy was on full display during President Trump’s and Vice-President Biden’s first debate, held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, where the candidates sparred on taxes, healthcare and law and order, between interruptions from moderator Chris Wallace.

Trump and Biden will be debating two more times in late October, while Vice President Pence and Vice-Presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris face off next week in their first and only debate.

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