Maine Trump Victory reaches two-millionth voter contact

A Maine Trump Victory Field Staffer knocks on a door with Dale Crafts, Maine’s Republican candidate in the Second Congressional District.

On Thursday October 15th Maine Trump Victory hit yet another milestone in the record-breaking campaign to re-elect President Trump, making its two-millionth voter contacts of the cycle.

Trump Victory is the field arm of the Republican National Committee, the Trump campaign and Maine Republican Party, which has mobilized volunteers in target states across the country, like in Maine, to register new voters, educate their neighbors and support Republicans.

Across the state of Maine, their trained team of grassroots activists has been making phone calls and knocking on doors in support of President Trump and Republicans up and down the ticket.

“It’s energy like we’ve never seen before in Maine” said Trump Victory spokesperson Andrew Mahaleris.

“Across the state, we have more than twenty thousand volunteers in our grassroots army, and they are the ones who will make the difference for President Trump on Election Day in less than three weeks”.

To put this milestone in perspective, during President Trump’s 2016 campaign, the campaign was only able to knock on around eleven thousand doors, in a year that Trump lost the state of Maine by less than twenty-three thousand votes.

In 2018, the campaign improved, contacting more than 1.1 million voters across the state.

Now in the 2020 Presidential cycle, Maine Trump Victory has made nearly double the amount of voter contacts they did in the midterm.

According to Trump Victory, they have knocked on more than 350,000 doors in Maine and made more than 1.7 million phone calls to voters.

Trump Victory believes that these voter contacts will put the President over the finish line in November.

Mahaleris said that one-on-one personal conversations are what convinces voters to pull the lever for Republican candidates, and that while phone banking and texting voters is important, it is simply not enough.

After the 2012, campaign, the Republican National Committee took a hard look at what it was doing wrong, and what Obama for America (the President Obama’s campaign) was doing right.

As a result, they invested more than $350 million into a state-of-the-art data program that lets them talk to and target voters like never before.

The Maine Democratic Party has in fact just recently started knocking doors, in a complete reversal from the successes they saw in 2008 and 2012, previously refusing to make these important voter contacts out of an abundance of caution during the coronavirus epidemic.

“Astoundingly, the Maine Democrats just started knocking on doors last weekend, whoever is running that field program should be sued for malpractice” Mahaleris said.

Mahaleris says that Trump Victory has been knocking doors safely for months, after taking a brief pause from the traditional campaigning tactic at the onset of the virus.

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