Maine Trump Victory isn’t letting social distancing slow down their campaign

A pair of screenshots from recent Trump Victory virtual events in New England.

AUGUSTA, ME – As the nation grapples with the social distancing requirements needed to slow the spread of coronavirus, President Trump’s army of campaign workers is not letting the challenges presented by the virus slow their work to re-elect him in November.

According to information provided by the RNC, Trump Victory and the Republican National Committee completely transformed their gargantuan voter contact program into a digital program, and they say did it, incredibly, in under 24 hours.

It appears that their efforts to elect Republicans up and down the ballot haven’t been stymied, in fact they’ve appear to be thriving.

In the past National Week of Training, Trump Victory was able to make nearly 1.8 million phone calls to voters. To put that in perspective, in a single week, the RNC was able to contact more voters than they had in the entire 2018 cycle up to this point.

On their National Day of Action, the RNC made nearly 1.4 million voter contacts, in a single day. The number of calls they made in that one day alone were higher than any of their total weekly calls in 2018, up until the week of September 13th.

“The Republican National Committee and Trump Victory have created the most comprehensive program in political history, and we aren’t letting social distancing stop us from doing our job.” said RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin,

“In less than 24 hours, we were able to transform our unprecedented ground game into a completely virtual campaign where volunteers can contact voters from the comfort of their own homes. The Democrats simply cannot replicate these unprecedented efforts,” McLaughlin said.

The RNC has had staff on the ground and haven’t stopped campaigning in Maine since President Trump was elected in 2016 and having an army of volunteers in unprecedented numbers, which they call “Fellows”, made the switch to an all-virtual campaign that much easier.

During their National Week of Training, Maine Trump Victory conducted several virtual training sessions using web conference services such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. These trainings are labeled as “TVLI’s” or Trump Victory Leadership Initiative.

According to the RNC,“TVLI training is the RNC’s signature training program, designed to facilitate rapid volunteer growth and focus on spreading the campaign’s and the Party’s message to every community across the country.”

These new all-digital TVLI’s focus on teaching their volunteers digital organizing, and voter contact techniques.

In a time of social distancing, the campaign has made a complete switch to using these techniques to communicate with voters.

The lightning fast transition stands in stark contrast to Trump Victory’s counterparts in the Biden campaign. Biden, the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, recently told the press it took four days for his team to set up live-streaming capability at his home.

McLaughlin pointed out the difference between the Trump Victory operation and the Biden operation in a tweet on Wednesday.

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