Maine Trump Victory converges in Brewer ahead of Super Tuesday

A group of Maine Trump Victory team members gather for a quick picture before heading out to talk to voters across Brewer on Saturday, February 29.

BREWER – This morning, at a Tim Hortons in Brewer, a group of about twenty Republicans gathered to drink coffee, munch on Tim-bits, and prepare to canvass for Maine House District 128 special election candidate Garrel Craig and President Donald Trump with Maine Trump Victory for Maine’s upcoming Super Tuesday election.

After warming up and socializing for about 15 minutes the group circled around to hear from some local speakers. Josh Hiatt, House candidate and Penobscot County Republican Chairman, started the speaking with his personal goals for the county, “my goal for Penobscot County is to get us to +3 (Republican),” he continued, “I’ve been talking to liberals who are like, yeah! The economy is doing well!”

The group of volunteers clapped as Hiatt continued, “the far left is going to get their butts kicked this November!”

Also speaking to the group was House Republican Leader, Kathleen Dillingham who praised the Maine Trump Victory operation, “it’s the first time I’ve seen a concerted effort between a presidential campaign, a senatorial campaign, and the House – it’s been wonderful.”

Dillingham also lavished praise on Craig, “I served with Garrel in the legislature, we need him back there!”

RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin said that the morning gathering is part of a nationwide Trump Victory ‘National Week of Training,’ ending with a ‘National Day of Action’ on Saturday, “Maine Trump Victory has had boots on the ground since 2016, and we’ve held hundreds of MAGA Meetups and Trainings with thousands of attendees.”

McLaughlin continued, “Maine historically gave President Trump one electoral vote, and we look forward to giving him more this coming November. Super Tuesday is our chance to show how much energy there is for President Trump on the ground here in Maine, and how much we appreciate what he is doing for all Americans!”

Following the speeches, the group got a walk app refresher from Field Organizer, Cody Porter. Going through the attendees one-by-one, Porter made sure each person knew how to use the application and felt comfortable as they headed out the door.

A couple at a nearby table walked over to express their support for President Trump and ask how they could get involved. Porter and Regional Field Director Ben Hincher took their contact information.

The walk app (a smart phone app that tracks a volunteer’s progress throughout the day) and voters that the Maine Trump Victory volunteers contacted today have been micro-targeted by the Republican National Committee’s astounding $350 million data operation, of which McLaughlin says, “no Democrat can compare.”

As quickly as they assembled the group took a picture with a Maine Trump Victory Banner and dispersed into Brewer, ready to encourage voters to support Garrel Craig and President Trump on what is sure to be a historic Super Tuesday in Maine.

Maine Trump Victory is a joint effort to elect Republican candidates up and down the ticket across Maine.

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