Maine State Rep: Guns should be banned because of white supremacy, hatred

Rep. Shawn Babine recently said in a Facebook comment that “guns should be banned!”

SCARBOROUGH – A first term State Representative from Scarborough says guns should be banned and that gun violence is because of hatred and white supremacy. The comment, posted on Facebook and circulated widely, was in response to a comment about violence committed with guns being a mental health issue.

Rep. Shawn Babine (D – Scarborough) said in a comment that, “The cause of gun violence is hatred and white supremacy” after calling an apparent comment about mental health concerns and shootings “simplistic” and a “cop out.”

Rep. Babine went on to say, “I have no problem saying this – guns should be banned!”

Screenshot of Facebook comment posted by Rep. Shawn Babine.

A review of recent anti-gun votes in the Maine Legislature shows Babine as a reliable supporter of anti-gun legislation. Rep. Babine lists activity with “veterans organizations” in his legislative biography.

The Free Maine Campaign, an organization founded by former State Senator and strong gun rights advocate Eric Brakey circulated the comment widely on Facebook, asking if people agreed with Rep. Babine’s comments or if he was “off his rocker.”

“Maine is the safest state in America because our laws empower Maine people to defend our families and communities,” said Brakey. “Any politician who wants government to disarm the Maine people should be thrown out of office. Thankfully, the Maine people will have the chance to do just this next year.”

As most Mainers who support gun rights know, under state law, legislators, along with many other public officials, take an oath of office. For state legislators, that oath includes an affirmation that they will support the United States and Maine Constitution and execute the duties incumbent upon them according to the Constitution and the laws of the state.

The Maine Constitution was amended in 1987 to affirm the right of Mainers to keep and bear arms under Article 1, Section 16 as follows, “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.”

A wave of anti-gun legislation in the Maine Legislature in the most recent legislative session fizzled, with lawmakers voting down all anti-gun legislation, but compromising on a ‘Yellow Paper” bill to close loopholes in Maine’s so-called ‘blue paper’ laws as they relate to possession of firearms by individuals facing severe mental health issues.

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