Maine people’s veto organizers launch ‘Sign on 9/9’ final statewide push

Front and back of a Maine People’s Veto petition.

AUGUSTA – Signature gatherers who are attempting to collect signatures for three people’s veto efforts currently underway have announced a “Sign on 9/9” petition signing event with locations across the state on Monday, September 9th.

The petitions need to garner the support of more than 64,000 registered Maine voters to be successful. If signature gatherers succeed they would trigger statewide votes to allow Mainers to vote on each of three recent laws passed by the Maine Legislature and signed by Governor Janet Mills.

Those bills, one to mandate the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, another to legalize physician assisted suicide and a third that eliminates a religious exemption in Maine’s vaccination law along with the philosophical exemption all faced strong and visible opposition in the recent session of the Maine Legislature.

The event, being organized by the Christian Civic League of Maine, will give Mainers across the state a chance to sign as many as three people’s veto petitions at one of many locations around the state.

Organizers are still adding locations to the event on the website, which can be viewed here. They say their goal is to establish enough locations that a site can be reached within 30 minutes of any Mainer.

This is likely to be the last big push before the deadline for petitions to be turned into the Maine Secretary of State.

Under the Third Part of Article IV, Section 17 of the Maine Constitution, laws passed by the Maine Legislature by a majority vote can be vetoed through a petition process that requires opponents of the legislation to collect signatures from a at least 10% of the number of registered voters who voted in the previous race for Governor.

The “Sign on 9/9” event was announced in an email, which you can read by clicking here.

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