Maine People’s Alliance had pedophile at Lewiston school collecting signatures during Mayoral election

LEWISTON – Maine Examiner has acquired photographs that show convicted pedophile Douglas Lane, who was reported to be on Ben Chin’s campaign volunteer list and active working for the Maine People’s Alliance working to collect signatures for Ranked Choice Voting and the MPA’s Universal In-Home Care initiative during Tuesday’s Mayoral election at the Longley Elementary School in Lewiston.

The pictures show Lane sitting behind a table in the school, collecting signatures for both initiatives as Lewiston voters cast ballots for Mayor. Several Lewiston voters, recognizing Lane from pictures they have seen, emailed Maine Examiner and shared their feelings about seeing Lane in the school, as well as sending pictures they took with their phones.

“I want to go over there and tell him he shouldn’t be in an elementary school, disgusting!” said one of the individuals who sent a picture to Maine Examiner.

Another said, “I was told that the Maine People’s Alliance cut ties with him. Why is he working at their table in a school?”

Lane’s involvement with the Maine People’s Alliance and the Chin for Mayor campaign has been covered in stories by Maine First Media and the Daily Caller here and here.

Douglas Lane was twice convicted of gross sexual assault of victims under the age of 14, however he does not appear on the Maine Sex Offender Registry because the registry requirement exempts people who were convicted before a certain date. Lane’s convictions occurred in 1999.

The Daily Caller, in a May report on Lane and the Maine People’s Alliance, quoted Supervisor of the Maine State Police Sex Offender Registry Greg Paquet confirming that state statute forbids sex offenders from entering a public or private elementary or middle school or any property that contains a child care center. Athletic fields, parks, and other recreational facilities are also banned.

Other pictures acquired by Maine Examiner show Lane with a large group of students at a “fight racism” rally at an unknown location and standing in front of Senator Susan Collins’ office with a young man holding protest signs.

One Lewiston voter told Maine Examiner that they had seen messages in a local social media group months ago that the Maine People’s Alliance claimed it had cut ties with Lane, which prompted them to question why Lane was present at the elementary school collecting signatures for the group’s latest initiative.

That voter also said it was impossible that Ben Chin, who is the political director of the MPA and was in the building as one of the two candidates on the ballot, could have been unaware  Lane was present and collecting signatures. “There was a line of site (sp),” the voter said. “No way Ben Chin didn’t know this guy was working for him at that table.”

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