Maine Legislature: Expand abortions for minors without parental consent, but ban tanning beds for them

Governor Janet Mills signs a document in the Hall of Flags at the Maine State House as Speaker Sara Gideon, Senate President Troy Jackson and others look on.

AUGUSTA – An interesting dynamic is now playing out in the Maine Legislature where the policies of majority Democrats are generating some peculiar positions that seem to be contradictory in their philosophy.

There is probably no simpler example than recent votes by the Maine Legislature on abortions and tanning beds as they relate to minors.

Two weeks ago, the Maine House voted along party lines to allow minors access to abortion procedures without even having a doctor present, with no parental consent. The law deregulates abortion to the point where a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner can perform more complex abortion procedures, not just provide medicine.

Once that bill is signed and goes into effect, minors will be able to see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner for an abortion without any parental consent requirement; then Tuesday, the legislature sent a bill to Governor Janet Mills’ desk that prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed.

Abortion is clearly a top priority for Democrats this session, as they have pushed forward bills to provide taxpayer funded abortions and expand abortions to be performed without doctors. That push could have been predicted given the financial investment of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups in recent legislative elections.

At the same time, telling a seventeen year-old high school student that they can’t jump in a tanning bed a few times before they fly out to Florida for a January vacation sends a different message entirely.

A comparison of the roll call votes shows a wide overlap with most lawmakers who supported the bill to deregulate abortions for minors also supporting the ban on tanning beds.

Conversely, those who opposed the bill to deregulate abortions also voted to continue to allow 14-17 year olds to use tanning beds.

Governor Janet Mills is supportive of both bills.

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