Maine House flips back, votes to kill bill giving away electoral votes, but there’s a catch (with roll call link)

The Maine House of Representatives in session during the 129th Maine Legislature.

AUGUSTA – After four failed roll call votes in the Maine House of Representatives on a bill that would give away Maine’s electoral college votes, last week Democrats in the Maine House thought they finally had the votes to pass the controversial bill. For a short time they did, but today the bill failed in a roll call vote in the House on enactment.

After a short debate which was overseen by Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, the bill, L.D. 816, was defeated yet again in the bill’s sixth roll call vote this session.

A number of Democrats who originally opposed the bill but flipped last week to voting in favor today voted against the proposal again.

But there is a catch. Rep. Matt Moonen (D – Portland), who has been serving as Speaker Pro-Temp for Speaker Gideon off and on in the closing weeks of the legislative session, placed a “hold” on the bill before it could be sent to the Senate. That hold allows him to request the bill be brought up for a seventh roll call as soon as tomorrow.

As Maine Examiner has covered, the bill faces strong public opposition in online poll questions and surveys. It does not appear anything can change in the next 24 hours to make another vote any less perilous for Democrats who are on the fence.

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The bill, however, is sponsored by Senate President Troy Jackson, a long-time Democratic Party stalwart and arguably the second most powerful official in Augusta.

Speaker Sara Gideon, who the HuffPost recently reported is planning to announce a run for United States Senate, has been supportive of the proposal as well. The bill is expected to see one last vote tomorrow, Tuesday, June 17th.

The Maine Legislature is expected to adjourn on Wednesday for the year.

You can read today’s roll call vote by clicking here.

A “Y” vote indicates a vote in favor of passing the bill.

An “N” vote indicates a vote in opposition to passage of the bill.

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