Maine Democrat Senator calls Dem Presidential candidates “tone deaf”, “far left”

Left: Senator Bill Diamond (D – Cumberland) tells the Bangor Daily News that his party’s field of Presidential candidates challenging President Donald Trump (right) is “far left” and “tone deaf.”

WINDHAM, MAINE – Senator Bill Diamond (D – Cumberland) is no fan of the current crop of candidates campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Diamond, who is currently serving his ninth term as a State Senator also served as Maine’s Secretary of State for eight years.

Diamond represents a Senate district that spans five towns and an island in Cumberland County, a county which Hillary Clinton won in 2016 by a 58% to 33% margin over Donald Trump.

The Bangor Daily News, Maine’s only daily newspaper not owned by the Maine Today Media empire, reports that they sent surveys to 116 elected Democrats across Maine. Only eleven Democrats responded to the survey. Of those eleven, only five endorsed a candidate.

The paper says that Senator Diamond, instead of endorsing a candidate, sounded off on the field as a whole, saying, “The far left philosophies of the various candidates are essentially tone deaf to my constituents’ beliefs and priorities,” said Sen. Bill Diamond, a moderate from Windham, “which, by the way, are not that different from most of apolitical Americans.”

The Bangor Daily News says several other Democrats were “pessimistic or cautious about their party’s chances of beating Trump.”  

The race for the Democrat Presidential nomination has so far been a race to the left. The various candidates have quickly supported such policies as the “Green New Deal”, a plan to end private health insurance across the United States, provide free health care to illegal immigrants and other proposals that go well beyond what any Democratic nominee for President has ever supported.

Some observers say the quick rush to the extremes for the Democratic field is the result of the growing influence of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” of left-wing Representatives in Congress.

A few of the candidates for President on the Democratic side have even gone so far as to call for ICE, the nation’s immigration and customs enforcement agency, to be abolished.

Even Joe Biden, who many expected to run as a moderate alternative to the more liberal field, confirmed during the first Presidential debate that he would provide free health care to illegal immigrants.

Biden has combined that position with a promise to bring back the Obamacare penalty that forces Mainers to pay a fine if they can’t afford health insurance and a promise to undo tax cuts that have reduced the tax burden on hundreds of thousands of working Mainers to craft his own very liberal platform for President.

Only time will tell if Senator Bill Diamond’s apprehension of the Democratic Presidential field is an omen for them in Maine in 2020.  

President Trump won Maine’s Second Congressional District handily in 2016 and only lost the statewide vote by a narrow margin. That win landed him one coveted electoral college vote under Maine’s split electoral college vote system.

If a significant number of Democrats across Maine’s First Congressional District share Senator Diamond’s sentiment about the Democratic field, President Trump could be set for a better election night in 2020. A broader victory in Maine for President Trump would mean three, or even four, electoral college votes and an expansion of his electoral college map.

You can read the full Bangor Daily News article by clicking here.

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