Maine candidate for Governor doubles down: wants NRA “out of Maine”

Mark Eves is running for Governor of Maine and has taken the position that the NRA should “get out of Maine.” Screenshot of Eves in a Facebook video about his gun control views.

AUGUSTA – A candidate for Maine Governor has doubled down on his recent op-ed saying he wants the National Rifle Association out of Maine. Former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives Mark Eves originally made the statement in an op-ed published by the Portland Press Herald, as reported by Maine Examiner.

A few days later, Eves took to Facebook to double down on his assertion that he wants the NRA out of Maine in a post about the coverage on the Ray Richardson radio show.

At the end of the post, Eves said, “And for the record let me say it again: NRA, we don’t want you here. You’ve done enough damage. Get out of our state.”

In the posts that followed, Eves quoted a donor who had just donated to his campaign, saying, “Mark has been clear from the beginning: The NRA is the problem and he doesn’t want them in our state and neither do I. And now he needs our help.”

In addition, Eves has numerous other posts and videos demanding gun control, speeches from anti-gun rallies and a letter to the editor supporting him.

The anti-NRA gun control rhetoric appears to be driving up energy levels among Eves’ supporters, while he also launches a broadside against Janet Mills for his belief that she opposes the implementation of ranked-choice voting.

Eves has also touted his “D” rating from the NRA, which could be him setting up the issue as a wedge against Maine Attorney Janet Mills, who once had an A+ rating from the NRA but has also taken up the “March For Our Lives” gun control cause in recent weeks.

As Maine Examiner previously reported, the National Rifle Association does far more than just lobby Augusta politicians in Maine, conducting gun safety courses and other events promoting responsible firearms use, and having tens of thousands of members in Maine.

Maine is a traditionally pro-Second Amendment state with one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation, and has long elected pro-gun politicians of both parties.

When the Maine Constitution was amended in 1987 to include some of the strongest gun rights language in the nation, the primary sponsor of the amendment was a Democrat.

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