Letter: Give Janet Mills’ admin an earful on nursing homes, waiting lists at Listening Sessions

Following is a Letter in the new Maine Examiner feature “Letters from Mainers to Mainers.” You can submit your letter by clicking here.

The state of Maine’s Democrats have repeatedly refused to fully fund the care of disabled Mainers, keeping these adults on lengthy waiting lists. Instead, Gov. Mills and friends use our money to bail out Portland from recruiting illegal aliens. Mills also refuses to provide relief to nursing homes housing Maine senior citizens.

Now the state is required to give we citizens a time to make statements about what the priorities should be. Should we give them an earful? These meetings are to be led across Maine. This is the one for which I have information.

“Every four years, the state is required to create a State Plan on Aging that specifies how federal and state funding will be used to address the needs of older Mainers.

To inform the planning process, the Department of Health & Human Services is hosting a series of listening sessions across Maine. DHHS is working with Area Agencies on Aging to host Listening Sessions on the State Plan for Aging.

Machias Listening Session will be held:
When: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 1:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Where: UMM Performing Arts Center

Robert Simpson, Whiting

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