Paul LePage: President Trump has delivered for Maine, now let’s deliver for him

Governor Paul LePage applauds during an event in 2018.

Following is an op-ed from Governor Paul LePage.

President Trump has delivered a historic record of success for Maine and our country. From job creation to tax cuts, it is crucial that Mainers send a message on March 3 in the Super Tuesday presidential primary: we are ready to deliver yet another victory for President Trump.  

President Trump successfully delivered a new trade deal with China, defying critics and correcting decades of trade imbalances to promote fairer deals for American workers. The Phase One deal requires China to spend $32 billion over the next two years on American agricultural products, and includes a special provision ensuring that the $485 million lobstering industry in Maine gets some much-needed relief thanks to lobbying efforts from Maine’s senior Senator, Susan Collins. Progress from this trade deal is already being seen as the Chinese government recently announced a tariff exemption that would allow businesses to apply to purchase Maine lobster at a lower price, marking a huge victory for Maine’s fishermen. 

Despite an impeachment witch hunt and continued obstruction from radical leftists in Congress like Maine’s Jared Golden and Chellie Pingree, the President also succeeded in another historic trade deal, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which was signed into law and replaced the outdated, job-killing NAFTA. 

Maine has added 15,800 new jobs, 3,000 of which are manufacturing jobs, like those in our historic mills, since President Trump was elected. Compared to President Obama’s failed leadership, when Maine saw our mills being shuttered and 4,400 manufacturing jobs were lost across the state, there’s no question which administration has had more of a positive impact on our lives. 

Thanks to President Trump, mills that closed under the Obama administration are reopening their doors, and providing good-paying jobs for Maine workers in a key industry that used to drive our economy, and with continued growth, will again. 

These last several years have fostered a booming economy across the nation and here at home, with Maine hitting its lowest unemployment rate in history of just 2.8%. This progress is notable, especially considering that under President Obama, Maine’s unemployment spiked to 8.2%. Obama said that the jobs that he lost in our country would never come back, but President Trump is proving him wrong.

Even as President Trump delivers win after win, far-left 2020 Democrats are running on a platform of raising your taxes, eliminating private health care, and turning America into a socialist nation. This comes on the heels of their impeachment sham, which was nothing more than a blatant attempt to reverse the 2016 election and subvert the upcoming 2020 contest.

On March 3, in addition to Super Tuesday, there will be a special election in Brewer, and it is critical that if you live in House District 128, you vote to send Garrel Craig to Augusta, where he can support the Republican agenda in the Maine House of Representatives. 

Another item to check off your list when you go to vote this coming Tuesday is to make sure you sign a petition for the people’s veto of the ranked-choice voting scam to protect our Presidential election and ensure that in November we respect the principle of one person, one vote.

We can’t afford to abandon President Trump’s record of achievement for the half-baked schemes of socialist Democrats. This Tuesday, cast your vote for low taxes, new jobs, and fairer trade. Cast your vote for President Trump and his Republican Party up and down the ballot.

Elected in 2010, Governor Paul LePage served as Maine’s 74th Governor from 2011 to 2019.

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