LePage calls for Voter ID Law, Will Introduce Bill

Photo courtesy Paul LePage, Maine’s Governor Facebook page. LePage today announced he would introduce a new Voter ID law in the Maine Legislature.

AUGUSTA – Citing statistics showing thousands of voters have registered to vote using out of state drivers licenses, Governor Paul LePage says it is time to protect elections with a law requiring voters present valid photo identification to vote.

In his weekly radio address, LePage says more than 5,900 people used an out-of-state drivers license or other ID to vote for the first time in New Hampshire in the most recent Presidential election, while most were from Massachusetts, some were from Maine as well.

LePage’s push comes on the heels of Secretary of State Matt Dunlap filing a lawsuit against President Trump’s commission to investigate voter fraud, of which Dunlap had been named a member and President Trump earlier this week disbanding the commission.

Dunlap also refused to release Maine’s data to the commission, denying the public the ability to know how many out-of-state ID’s were used to register first time voters in Maine in the most recent Presidential election.

Governor LePage also struck a familiar chord on students voting, saying that while it is not illegal for college students from other states to vote in Maine, they must then start to behave as all other voters in Maine, which means establishing residence. LePage also says students should not be allowed to vote in their previous state by absentee ballot in the same election as they are voting in Maine.

The Governor also announced that he plans to introduce a Voter ID bill during Maine’s current Legislative session.

Previous attempts to establish a Voter ID requirement in Maine have been met with stiff opposition by Democrat legislators and their allied special interest groups.

But LePage says Voter ID requirements are a reasonable way of ensuring the integrity of elections. He cites the fact that Mainers need identification for things as simple as picking up a prescription, cashing a check and many every day activities.

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